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What I'm working on for the various consoles I can program for.

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A new NES project (part 2.)

I haven't been working on my NES project very much lately. Apart from making the mouth open and close which I did a few days ago, all I did was change the title screen. It was one of those cases where you had to change it but tried to make it look as good as possible. So that's what I did. So that's what I did.

A new NES project.

With Hamburgers finished, I wondered if I could stomach making, from scratch, a new NES game. It wasn't as bad as I feared. Except for the errors, that eventually got cleared away. So here is my new game's title screen. The object is the same as the Atari 2600 version. But the NES has two buttons. This is where the change comes in: You will press the A button to open the mouth and B to close it. I think I'll add the alphabet and add some text to this screen. That would be fun. I don't

Hamburgers NES update

I had finished the game when I was playing through I discovered that it froze every certain place in level 3. I reached out for help in the NES Discord. I found some lovely people who were willing to help. Eventually, I figured out what they were trying to tell me and after a few days of me trying to figure stuff out, I eventually got it back working again just now. I played through the whole game without it freezing, which is no small feat because I think it takes about 20-25 minutes to do.

Hamburger Castle

Work begins on level 10, the final level of Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland. I tried to make it reminiscent of (and not ripping off) the castle levels of Super Mario Bros. This is what I made. The picture on the wall is one of a milkshake. I should have made it look better but I couldn't. So anyway, now that I know how, I think I should go back and redesign the earlier levels. But I don't know what I could put besides clouds in the sky though. I need to compose some music for this l


Level 9. Almost done. I spent almost all day on this, trying to make things just right. Here is a screenshot of level 9 in action. I need to make a song for this level. I'll do that tomorrow. And then after that, work on the final level and the ending. Then it will be testing time, as well as code fixing time. It was very hot today. So the a/c is trying to run a lot. It got to 94 degrees today.

I suck at drawing (part 2)

So what I was trying to do was make a circle using the least possible amount of tiles. I thought a simple circle would take, oh, about 16 or so. Not so. So I drew a picture of the planet in M$Paint, then entered it into NESst (a NES drawing program). Apparently it took 36 to draw a small Saturn and its rings. This is how the level looks after I cleaned things up: I also composed some music for the level. Next to do is design level 7. I figure a desert level would be really hard and mak

I suck at drawing.

I tried to draw a circular planet for level 6. I analyzed a circle in Photoshop. I really tried hard. And yet this is the best thing I can do: It looks more like a diamond than a circle. I'm giving up the space level and on to a different place.

Forest burger (part 2)

Discovered I had more tiles than I thought I did. So I updated the forest level and put in a song for it. So now here is a list of stuff I need to do next: compose music and draw screens for levels 6-10 add in taco handling code compose music, draw screen for, and code for ending. make it so 50 enemies go through and then end level. The last one I decided the game would be more interesting, and the score would be useful, if I make it so 50 enemies get th

Forest burger.

I was pretty unhappy about my Atari 2600 game I had been making, so I decided to return to something that I was happy about: My NES game. I "drew" level 5 that is in the game now. So this is a one-man production. I'm doing everything here. I have total control over it. The goal is to fit a 10-level burger shooting French fry game into 40 kb. I'm almost up to #B000 out of my alotted #FFFF. But the game is only about 50% completed. The nacho-shooting pizza is now in the game. He shoots n

level 4 - the mountain

So I made a mountain. And I thought to myself "What is the point of all these level changes?" So I thought some more and I thought perhaps different enemies could be introduced the further the game goes along. But what enemies? I thought and got "taco". I tried to draw a taco. While failing to draw a taco, I thought "perhaps a pizza." So I drew a slice of pizza. The pizza shoots nachos downwards. It will be introduced in level 5. The taco will be introduced in level 8. It won't shoot a

Level 3 - the cave

Yesterday and today I was having so much trouble with the game and bugs kept popping up everywhere that I had it. I deleted all the in-game code and started over again. This time I tried to keep things very simple. And you know what? I think it worked. I haven't had any problems (well, except for the triangle noise being too loud, but I don't know how to fix that. And why call it a triangle noise? A triangle goes "ting!" when you strike it, but the triangle sounds like when you pause in Super Ma

Level 2 - under the sea

So I added the milkshakes going different directions. And I worked on level 2. It took a few days but I finally got the seaweed green and the score color white. I had to learn how to use multiple palettes in order to do this though. And earlier I made a new song for the second level. So now I need to link level 1 to level 2, so when level 1 ends it goes to level 2. It starts on the level I have been working on. I also got a chance to play Doodle World for the NES. It has a little

More burger fun.

Today's task was discovered after I tested my latest 40k version of Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland on my NES Everdrive and discovered it didn't work. I was trying to make it more than 24k. So a few hours later, after changing stuff I don't know how many times, it finally got working. I also made the milkshake look more like a strawberry milkshake. Looks much better, don't you think? I was also working on trying to add some sort of randomness to the milkshake's y position getting ro

Lots more changes.

It took a couple of hours, but I finally made the milkshakes shoot onion rings. Just like in the Game Gear versions, the vanilla ones always shoot, the chocolate ones shoot sometimes and the strawberry ones never shoot. I also added a bunch of new sound effects and other minor changes as well, like adding more clouds. It's amazing though that I can fit all this into just 24KB. What if I need to make it bigger? Will it just automatically grow bigger or do I have to do something? I'm using C and c

Lots of changes.

I have been working on this a lot. I've made a website where you can get the latest version. So I will keep working on it until I get my NES Everdrive, which should happen on Monday, but the USPS already lost one of my packages recently. Among the changes: pressing start pauses game added score and lives to the game added a couple of sound effects milkshake now moves Pressing B makes the burger shoot the French fry out. I finally figured out how to make multi

Sky blue

My sky was dark blue once. I changed it to a more appropriate shade of blue. I also had a white fry. So I changed it to a yellow, shorter fry. I began work on level 1 of the burger game I started yesterday. This is all I have so far. That's because when I reset the game using the emulator, the clouds showed up on the title screen. Hours were spent trying to fix it, until at one point I got something correct: If I tell the clouds to disappear when the game starts, before all the stuff s

Your adventure awaits!

So yesterday I started on a new adventure: NES programming. It's really hard. But I feel I am learning a lot at a time. So I want to make a version of my Virtual Boy game on NES. Yesterday and today I worked on the title screen. I drew the sprites, I composed the music. So anyway, this is why I want NES music coders who are experts in FamiTracker to help out with this project. Right now, the title screen has the title, along with the hamburger flock leader Zybort, which you can actually con
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