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What I'm working on for the various consoles I can program for.

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They look so simple in the sky. But I seem to have been having a ton of problems when programming them. First it was that 2k Atari 2600 game. Now it's my Intellivision game I started back working on called "Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland." The problem was with scrolling. When it was lower to the ground it didn't flicker, but when I moved it up more it flickered a whole bunch. I don't know why. I kept on working trying to not make this happen. I spent about 5 hours today alone working on


Gamegearguy in Intellivision

Superhero Man

I decided I didn't want to work on Ugly Uppity Umpire any more, so I've temporarily shelved that project. And so with that, I decided to work once again on Ran-Over Possum Man. But I didn't like that really long name he had. So I changed his name. He's now Superhero Man. I wonder if that's too close to Superman. If need be, I can just change the name again to Hero Man. I left off at the beginning of level 3. There is still Stupidman on the NES, but I decided to work on the Game Boy game bec

Dope on a rope

I tried again to get the sixth game in my Channel F Celery game working. I think I have it good now. Mr. Celery is hanging on a rope crossing the five piranha-filled gaps. As you can see, a piranha jumps out randomly out of one of the gaps. Your job is to guide the celery to the other side a whole bunch of times while not getting bit by a piranha. I found my Channel F multicart! This is basically what led me to continue work on this game. I originally tried to make a similar game,

Ugly code

While I was working on the game and watching it grow, it became apparent that the way I had it set up was not going to be the most efficient way I could do things. So I got some help from the Discord Game Boy programming and with their help, I think I have things ready to go good. The only thing I'd need to do is change the SWITCH_ROM() code, adding some more instances to make it point to the newly added code correctly as I put in some more levels. I went through all 22 levels in the game s

Ugly uppity umpire again

With "Swat Those Flies" finished, I went back to the Ugly Uppity Umpire. I made a new level. But I still didn't like the title screen. So I decided to change it. It now looks like this: Now I'm happy with the title screen.

Behind the clouds

I finally figured out how to make the bugs move behind the clouds. It should have been just a simple change for the CTRLPF register, but I changed it and then the scanline went crazy again. So I had to fix that too. And then I had to even out the clouds and make them uniform. That took about an hour or so. One thing, though, if the flies move behind the clouds, the fly swatter has to as well. There is no way around that. Say, changing the player1 fly swatter to a missile or something. It wo

flies (part 5)

I worked a little more and I got this: But as you can see, the fly sprite got bigger. Now I'm wondering if I should keep it like this wih the big sprites, or cloudless with the smaller sprites. I tried to put the two close clouds together to make one cloud, but a line was jagged so I kept it like this. What do you think?  

flies (part 4)

As an experiment, I wondered whether I could put some sort of clouds in this game. I worked and got one. Then I went to sleep. I woke up and discovered for some reason the scanline dipped to 261 when the fly was going towards the bananas at the bottom of the screen. So I fixed that. I even fixed a bug pertaining to the upper left corner cloud which was thicker than the other upper clouds. But I'm not going to keep these square clouds in because they're square. If I were to make them ro

flies! (part 3)

I thought it was possible given the simplicity of the idea. But it took a few days to do it: I now have a steady 262 scanlines (on Stella). I am going to quit programming for a few days because the heat wave is expected to begin tomorrow. And when it's hot, I call my room "the oven" because it's hot. I don't like being really angry and hot at the same time because it literally hurts. And I'm at a good stopping point now. I don't know what else I can do with the game. I have ~170 bytes

flies! (part 2)

How hard was this? At one point, I just decided to give up completely. My idea wasn't possible of having the bees move in a straight line. So then I thought, "Well, what if they moved in the same way as the files?" That was seven hours ago. And I worked for 7 hours and now I have this: Most of the seven hours was spent trying to make the scanline at an even 262. When it's all done, I will put it in my Atari 2600 and see how badly it jumps if at all. Bees stay on the screen for a


I am making a new Atari 2600 game. Keeping in the old tradition, I have decided that if I can fit all my plans in, it will be a 2k game. If I can't then I will have to bump the size up to 4k. The original goal is to see if I can make an enjoyable game using just 2k. I was originally going to put this as part of "Going Bananas," but decided that it could stand on its own. Plus, I now have more room to work, whiddling away the 900 or so bytes I have left if I want to make it a 2k game. T

Going Bananas

So I got back to working on Going Bananas for the Atari 2600. I have an idea for the third and final game. My plan was to attempt to put in three simple games on one 4k Atari 2600 cartridge. The three games have one thing in common. Bananas. So my idea for the third game is you're guarding bananas from evil fruit flies that want to eat your bananas. This is all I have so far. Nothing moves yet and the button does nothing yet. And yet I spent all of last night working on this. So w

level 17

Today I made level 17 of Ugly Uppity Umpire. Now I'm continuing to work on this and other things since it got cooler. But I am so bored. I guess I'll go through the Game Boy collection. I can't add to it because all the listings are either stuff I don't want or stuff that is too expensive on eBay. I don't know, life seems so hard at this point when all you are all the time are bored and sleepy.

Seeing red: Goshzilla

I got bored, so I made a title screen for a Virtual Boy game. The trouble is, I don't know the goal of it is. I just made it because I was bored. If I were to make this a game, I would have to think of its premise. I was still bored so later I came back to it and added the pre-game screens (the warning, the VB screen test, and the set the pause for 15 minutes.) I added cloud motion. The clouds move from right to left over and over again. It is super hot in here. I don't know how I am going to ge

Have some fun with #61

Well... not quite yet. While trying to get a complete Quiz Wiz cartridge set, which I still haven't done, I amassed a whole bunch of apparently the obligatory cartridges #1. I thought about what I should do with them and I came up with an answer: Make a cartridge #61. This was about two years ago. Off and on, I had been working on creating new questions. I was going to call it "Lovely Trivia." Then it dawned on me that I really should try to make a themed one. So I'm shelving the Lovely Trivia c

Ran-over possum man: level 2

I am working on level 2 of Ran-Over Possum Man, my game I'm making for Game Boy. You can grab the latest version and play it here. Stuff I did this morning? I put in a test museum for Ran-Over Possum Man. I designed a bunch of room types so they all link together. That is something I need to do when I design the final museum layout. The layout of a finished museum will be much bigger and include the room where the world's oldest raisin was. That is the room you need to go to before you can

Ran-Over Possum Man

I decided to make Stupidman for the Game Boy instead of the NES. I decided that the name Stupidman was stupid, so I changed it. Basically, the game will be mostly the same, instead it will be on the Game Boy. This is a screenshot of level 1. Ran-over Possum Man must pass twenty cars to get to the next level. If he crashes into a car, the counter that counts down resets to 20. There's no score here this time, it's just a see if you can get to the end type of game. This is because there

Channel F: the F is for Food.

I got back to working on my Adventures of the Stalk of Celery game for the Channel F. I decided to attempt an idea I just finished for the Game Gear: I decided to try and put Yum! on the Channel F. It's a playable game now, but I'm wondering if I should add something to it. In this version, the good food are ripe cranberries (one is pictured), and the bad food are unripe ones (which are green.) I am wondering if I'm okay with Mr. Celery's eyes and teeth being light green or if I should

Nintendo Gamecube

So about 22 years ago, I just brought my Gamecube back home after standing in line at EB (has it been that long?!) I got home and played Luigi's Mansion. I wasn't all that impressed. I didn't like it. Sure it looked great, but I didn't like it for some reason. More games came out. I got Mario Sunshine. It was too hard. I got Mario Kart: Double Dash. That was an okay game. A few times I've stopped playing it for years on end and then picked it back up again and played it for a few minutes only to

Beer-loving rabbits

Here is one. As a webcomic cartoonist of a really unsuccessful webcomic page, I really don't care if I have proper grammar or not. But I just got curious. I had made a riddle, and I decided to put it in comic strip form. But I was having trouble with the phrasing in the first panel. I eventually got this. I was wondering if it was correct or not. I needed to make sure the reader knew it was a rabbit, not some sort of really deranged cat with long ears or something. Since I can't draw a


I wanted to work on a Game Gear game, but I didn't want to work on the updated burgers game. So I found some old game I was working on and stopped and picked back up on it. I still think it's really simple, though, but boredom trumps simplicity. This is the title screen for Yum! It's a very simple game, but it's like nothing you've played on the Game Gear before. Here is the gist: Various food keeps moving towards your hungry mouth. Pressing 1 closes the mouth and pressing 2 opens

Q version 25

I got tired of working on Pineapples, so I decided to work on my Q game. I don't know why, seeing as how it's not a very interesting game, at least it isn't to me. But I need to find things to do while I wait to die, so I decided to do this. I wish I could die now, but I can't. I thought to myself "What can I do to make the game longer?" So I decided to slow the game down. When I thought about it, the q was moving fast, like running. But you can't run a long distance without your legs hurti

Exploring my game

While working on Golden Pineapples, I've discovered that the puzzles I make usually have more than one solution, especially since you don't need to clear a pineapple to jump. Well, I made that because I thought Lazlos' Leap is too hard. I spent at least half an hour trying to solve one of their puzzles. So I go back and found a bug for some reason it showed an extra pineapple in puzzle #3 after completing level #4. I was working backwards through the puzzles. I think I fixed that problem, b

Moves counter

I thought I'd be done after making a lot of changes, but I thought of one more thing I could put in the game: A moves counter! That was missing! So I put one in. This was surprisingly easy to add in the game. I made it so after you move 255 times, the move counter stays at 255. Haven't actually needed to use 255 moves. And I hope the puzzles don't need 255 moves to complete. I like to think of the moves counter as the "score" for this game. But the lower the number the better. So

Nine pineapples!

Even though I haven't a level yet that does it, I made it so if I felt like it, I could put nine pineapples on the screen all at once. I tried to reduce compiling time, I got it down to two minutes, that's down from the 3-4 minutes I was putting up with unwillingly. I also made a Super Game Boy border for the game. I moved a bunch of stuff around, I put the Super Game Boy border in bank 2. I put the main "engine" and most of the title screen stuff in bank 0. Puzzle data is now stored i
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