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Channel F news bulletin



I got back into the Channel F again. I had to hook it up to my VCR and then to the TV instead of bypassing the VCR to get a stable, colored picture on the thing. And that's not all. I'm back to programming for it as well. I want to make a "trimerous 2" cartridge with Elevator Events, Zyx and Adventures of the 50-foot-tall Stalk of Celery on it. But in order for me to do that, I have to begin work on the latter. Here is a title screen:


This morning I actually did the first step of creating the first level. What I want to have it be is like Gorf, where there's different things to do for each level. Level 1 of this game will be like that game on the Atari 2600 that uses the paddles where you dodge cars going down the screen. But instead of cars, I thought "What could I put instead of cars that I can draw easily?" I first thought of some kind of red or green vegetable. But having already used heads of lettuce and radishes in a previous game and I couldn't think of another green or red vegetable, that wasn't going to happen. So I put in a red elephant.


The elephant has a 2-frame animation while it walks slowly down the screen. I want to have it speed up some more as the level progresses. I guess the elephant is really big since the 50 FOOT TALL stalk of celery sprite I had designed but not put in the game yet is only 8x8 pixels.

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