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What I'm working on for the various consoles I can program for.

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For as long as I can remember, I've always had my trusty CRT TV with me. The sticker on it says it was made in May, 1993. I was 10 years old then. As the years grew, the TV was always there with me. In my room, all three rooms (I've moved twice since I got it). There is a huge dent in the down button on the thing. I had it right next to my bed one time for ten years and I lost the remote for it, so I started using that. In 2008, I moved where I am now and it got delegated to my retro gaming

I'm back.

The last time I checked to get on videogamesage.com (without the s) a few months ago, it gave me some warning, so I went back to what I was doing. Today I checked my e-mails and I got a PM from someone here. So I decided to see if I could go to videogamesage.com again and I got the welcome screen. So apparently everything is back to where it was before? Nothing much has happened in the last few months. I started work on a port of my GoSub, this time on the Game Boy. I also picked up and fig

Time out on work (part 2)

I decided that since the artwork in my comic book isn't good, I had better make it in color. So that's what I did. I am making it full color. Not very much color, but color nonetheless. It took me two hours and much fighting with Photoshop to color the 7 pages I had done so far. My original plan for black and white was so I could print it without using much color, but then I thought "Why not just use the drawings I have as pages for my physical copy?" So that's what I am doing. It is hot in


Gamegearguy in personal stuff.

Time out on work.

I am extremely bored right now. So I've decided to tell you about my SpongeBob comic book I'm making. It will be my (the?) first e-comic book. Right now I'm up to page 10. I hope to have a 36-page regular sized comic book done quarterly. To help ease me in my quest to do this, I am making each issue black and white. There is a bit of color in the cover. This was thought up of in my sleep. I think up of stuff to do in my sleep often. The title was thought of first. Then the story came after I tho


Gamegearguy in personal stuff.

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