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What I'm working on for the various consoles I can program for.

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Ants are stupid.

There are ants everywhere. I am drowning in an ocean of ants. If I went outside there would be less ants. I spray and spray that damn stinky Raid but they don't care. I am going to try white vinegar next since the ants won't die. Raid is false advertising. It said it would keep ants away after I spray it. WRONG. They keep coming in, even after I must have used a quarter of a can's worth of that dumb stuff that won't work. Now there are ants in my room. I make it a point NEVER to eat in my r

update on the sad news.

Thanks for the support. I didn't think I'd cry as I watched my dog die, but as a matter of fact, I shed some tears. As it turns out, I was not in the affected area of power shutoff. I blame the local news media. They kept showing this map of the whole area and said "These are the places where the power will be shut off." Of course, none of the places were shaded yet because it was too early. And the fears really got cemented when the TV did its Emergency Alert System thing and told us our p

Sad news

Our dog is dead. We had her put to sleep. The power company may shut off our power for a few days because they have decided we live in a place that's a high risk of wildfires. Seems really dumb since I'm in a CITY and not out in some country wilderness. So I'm going to stop working on Frank the Fruit Fly or anything else for a couple of days in case they actually do shut off my power. Woke up to find the Queen died. I can't watch our US news networks any more since they can't seem to s

The death of PayPal

I want to know why more and more online stores are not taking PayPal. What is wrong with PayPal? Is there something wrong with it? It's like my money is useless to them. It's like they don't want it. That's what I feel when I go to an online store and discovering they don't take PayPal. I don't have a credit card so I can't do Google Pay. What's more is I don't want a credit card.


For as long as I can remember, I've always had my trusty CRT TV with me. The sticker on it says it was made in May, 1993. I was 10 years old then. As the years grew, the TV was always there with me. In my room, all three rooms (I've moved twice since I got it). There is a huge dent in the down button on the thing. I had it right next to my bed one time for ten years and I lost the remote for it, so I started using that. In 2008, I moved where I am now and it got delegated to my retro gaming

I'm back.

The last time I checked to get on videogamesage.com (without the s) a few months ago, it gave me some warning, so I went back to what I was doing. Today I checked my e-mails and I got a PM from someone here. So I decided to see if I could go to videogamesage.com again and I got the welcome screen. So apparently everything is back to where it was before? Nothing much has happened in the last few months. I started work on a port of my GoSub, this time on the Game Boy. I also picked up and fig

Time out on work (part 2)

I decided that since the artwork in my comic book isn't good, I had better make it in color. So that's what I did. I am making it full color. Not very much color, but color nonetheless. It took me two hours and much fighting with Photoshop to color the 7 pages I had done so far. My original plan for black and white was so I could print it without using much color, but then I thought "Why not just use the drawings I have as pages for my physical copy?" So that's what I am doing. It is hot in


Gamegearguy in personal stuff.

Time out on work.

I am extremely bored right now. So I've decided to tell you about my SpongeBob comic book I'm making. It will be my (the?) first e-comic book. Right now I'm up to page 10. I hope to have a 36-page regular sized comic book done quarterly. To help ease me in my quest to do this, I am making each issue black and white. There is a bit of color in the cover. This was thought up of in my sleep. I think up of stuff to do in my sleep often. The title was thought of first. Then the story came after I tho


Gamegearguy in personal stuff.

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