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So I'm back to programming for the Fairchild Channel F again. I wish there was a Flashcart for this. But that will probably never happen, due to lack of interest. Anyway, this time I'm making a game called...


It's a fly swatting game, akin to the one in Mario Paint for the Super NES. So there are these flies. Your job is to swat them. To activate the fly swatter, push down on the joystick. If you hit one, that fly will disappear and another one will come take its place in a random position. Right now it's kind of a boring game because it has no obstacles nor score, but I will change that of course.


The fly is animated. The screenshots I took just happened to have the fly display the same frame. The fly flies around the screen randomly. When it comes to the edge of the screen, it warps to the other side. Your flyswatter can't do this (intentionally). In case you're wondering why the fly is blue, and not black, it's because of the mode I use. If I were to make the fly black, the swatter would be black too. And I don't want that. So I made the fly the closest to black color I could make, which is a dark shade of blue. The thing can display only 4 colors due to it being built in 1976. What do you expect? I'll get back to Virtual Boy programming once I get the score and timer going in this game.


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