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Celery level 3 part 1



I made five blocks appear "randomly" on the screen.


I'm going to try to have Mr. Celery jump on each block and go up. Once he reaches the top, he'll be at the bottom again. He'll need to travel ten screens to complete the level. If Mr. Celery ends up in the water, he'll lose a life and begin again at the bottom. Or else he'll get a point. So I guess you could get more than 50 points in this level if you want to lose lives in order to do so.

The ice blocks are like the logs in Frogger, moving horizontally alternating directions. But since there's only one per line, you don't lose a life if you need to go to the other side.

One thing I am wondering is how the game will react if I put Mr. Celery on a block. I think it might be okay since:

  • Mr. Celery is drawn with a clear background to display the ice.
  • Then the ice block erases Mr. Celery every time it moves.
  • Then Mr. Celery is drawn with a clear background again.

Repeat that over and over again when the ice block moves. It will be interesting to see what I can do with this. But it will be another day since I only worked on this for 3 hours today and I'm sick of it.


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