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Celery level 5 beginning



I worked on this for about three hours. After designing and redesigning the fence, I finally got it working. Mr. Celery moves right across the fence, moving up and down along the way.


Now what do I do? Well, the next thing to do is add something for Mr. Celery to avoid that goes across the screen. The way to avoid it is to put Mr. Celery below it. And to do that, you don't press down, you just keep moving right until he goes down. I think this is the best looking fence I could make.

But what should I put as the thing to avoid? Perhaps maybe something red. A round red thing. An apple? That would make a little sense. Someone is throwing apples at Mr. Celery and he needs to dodge them. Why someone would want to pummel poor Mr. Celery with apples I don't know. That can be left up to the player's imagination.

And then once I get the apple moving, I will work on collision detection. And then when I'm done with that, I'll be looking for something else to do. Should I make a sixth level? Should I make an ending or make it loop over again, so after the player reaches the last stage, he'll do the first one again? Lots of questions. Lots of gnats flying around my house. Flying into my face. It's really annoying.

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