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Tunnels of Terror (part 1)

After Jack and the Beanstalk has entered testing phases, people don't really seem to find any bugs with what I have. I've been working on another Odyssey² homebrew. Someone on the Videopac.nl forum mentioned Turmoil and how it might be a good fit for the Odyssey². So, I decided to see what I could do with it. This is day 4 of working on it and here is what I have so far. Right now it's an 8k game. I figured if I had four banks, why not use them? Man, that link is big. I wish Video


Gamegearguy in Odyssey 2

Nintendoverse worlds

These are the worlds of the Nintendoverse: Palace of Power Metroid Castlevania Megaland Mt. Icarus Kongoland Mirror Zone Bayouland Tetris Shadowlands Netherrealm Ghoul Realm Pencilvania Icicle Mountain Planet Popstar Lylat System Hyrule Lorule Koholint Island Termina Labrynna Twilight Realm Holodrum Hytopia DK Island


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Jack and the beanstalk (part 7)

I've been having internet connection issues lately, to the point where I had to get a new modem. I'm hoping this will fix it, because I plugged in a phone in the phone jack I'm using internet for and got a dial tone. Between verious spurts of it working, I have worked on trying to fix bugs in the game. When the internet would come back on, I'd upload the game and my playtester would test it and report any bugs he'd seen back. Well, yesterday, he reported not seeing any bugs! So this means I need


Gamegearguy in Odyssey 2

The League of Darkness

This is the League of Darkness, the oppressors of the Nintendoverse: Main members 0² Aelfric Aesir, The God of Chaos Alex Amalgamation Amon Anankos Andross Anglar Emperor Anubis Aparoid Queen Artifice Aion Ashera Aurora Unit 313 Bellum Berserk Leech Hydroe Black Bart King Bowser Koopa, Sr. Cackletta Captain Syrup Carat Diamond Claus

Episode 18: Chumlee's Adventure: The Quest for Pinky

A Homebrew Draws Near! A blog series by @Scrobins Episode 18: Chumlee’s Adventure: The Quest for Pinky Introduction: There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? Modern icons of pop culture and homebrews, coming together. Commissioned. Official. Licensed. Where first, barely a year ago there was Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl, another game pushes the floodgates open a little further, with the dev team announcing yet another licensed homebrew coming in its wake. No lo

Vision Pro MTG-1901 - No High Voltage

Quick fix on a monitor I picked up recently. When I got it, it would not power up fully. I noticed that I could hear chatter when I gave it a video signal, but ultimately got no neck glow (heater voltage) and I didn't hear any high voltage, so a serious power issue was happening. Upon closer examination, I noticed there were a couple capacitors that had bulged at the top, and that a transistor had gotten very hot, enough to singe the board. After replacing the two capacitors that

ThePhleo's NES CIB Seal of Quality Variant Guide [SAMPLE]

Here's the first 100 games as a sample...the rest coming soon. This list does not separate major variants like boxart changes, hangtabs, REV-A's, etc. Title Circle Oval ™ Oval ® Note 10-Yard Fight CIB       1942⠀ CIB C   Does an Oval ™ box exist? 1943: The Battle of Midway CIB ???


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Jack and the beanstalk (part 6)

My internet was down for most of the day today. I worked on Jack and the Beanstalk for a little bit, trying to figure out how to redo things and make stuff work. I realized I had to redo the Jack sprite in the castle again for a bug to disappear. He now walks like this: Not a very good walk, but I fear it has to be this way, otherwise bugs creep in and ruin the game. While my internet was down, I cataloged my Odyssey² collection. As it turns out, I have 78 games for it. This includes a


Gamegearguy in Odyssey 2

Part 8: I Trust You (The crooked)

Along with my console collecting, I have a love of arcade and pinball machines. Ms. Pac-man is one that is near and dear, to not only my heart but my wife's heart also. We had played a lot of Ms. Pacman on a cocktail cabinet (tabletop style that you sit down at) together at the local Pizza Joint in the mid 2000's. That made it even more special since it was rare at the time for arcades to be in public places (in our city anyway).   I decided to post "Wanted" ad on Kijiji since I was no


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Midway Space Invaders Deluxe - Sprite Errors

It's been a while since I did an actual board repair, but this was a cool one. So I was testing a midway space invaders deluxe and noticed that there were whole lines in which there were no pixel data for all sprites. There would actually be other graphics glitches where lines would just appear randomly.  Since the game actually booted, I went ahead and burned myself a copy of the space invaders deluxe V1.3 test rom. This is where having some 28C16 EEPROMs around is super useful, I don

Jack and the beanstalk (part 5)

I think I figured out the problem with the walls. If Jack's animation switches to a new frame that is touching the grid when before it wasn't, of course he'll get stuck in it. So I had to design a Jack that is very minimal and doesn't change a whole lot yet changes enough to make it necessary for it to be animated. This is my attempt: So I have to do it this way. Today I worked on the ending. It's a very minimalist ending, though, as I didn't have room for a very grand one. Odyssey2 pr


Gamegearguy in Odyssey 2

Burger changes

I redesigned level 3. It now looks like this: I also made the chicken nugget come less often. Right now you have a 1.9% chance the next enemy wouldn't be an enemy but a chicken nugget. It was 3.9%. You can really notice the difference just a 2% change makes. I like this level 3 better than the last one I had. It looks more like what I was aiming for when I first designed the level. In case you can't tell what it is and thought I just went crazy, it's supposed to be the inside of a cave

Burgers are tasty.

So since I tried and tried to get the collision detection working in my Jack and the Beanstalk game and failed at every attempt, and with nobody willing to help me (Hardly anyone programs the Odyssey² any more), I decided the best thing is to not work on it anymore and wait for someone to help me. With that, I returned to the NES and my burger game. I am trying to find a publisher for it, but not having any luck so far. I redesigned level 1 since all it was was just white clouds on a blue b

Part 7:The Redneck (The wow, where am I?)

Once again it has been a long time since posting a Tale, so I hope all that read this one enjoy it.  After a long collecting break, which I am sure many of you have also taken, I found this deal on Kijiji. I noticed the ad as I was on a bus headed to work. It was for a solid lot of  CIB Sega Master System games. There were some uncommon games in the lot and a few were from other regions. It was a really good  lot for the price but the downfall was that the location of the deal was an hour d

Episode 17: Roniu's Tale

A Homebrew Draws Near! A blog series by @Scrobins Episode 17: Roniu’s Tale Introduction: As kids, we dream of growing up to learn how to make our own version of those things that made our childhoods magical. For many of us, responsibility and practicality obscured those old ambitions. But for some the dream never faded, and in finding other like-minded children at heart with complimentary skills, they tapped into those good memories to cast new magic. Like the electric e

Jack and the beanstalk (part 4)

I finished the fourth floor. I also put the key in the game. It hides itself in a room and your job once you get in the castle is to find it. It's your only way out of the castle: only when you defeat the giant will the exit show from the castle. But this blog entry is more about the beanstalk. I figured I might put in the down part of the beanstalk since I didn't think it would take very long. Was I wrong! I had to go to sleep with semi-broken code at about 1 in the morning. I woke up this

G07 Monitor flyback issues

This log is actually a two-for-one as it was for two seperate monitors (I've been in a monitor repairing mood as of late). G07 monitors are my absolute favorites to work on as they tend to be fairly reliable after being serviced. However, they seem to always have issues with their flybacks. To give a brief summary of what the flyback does, it is the transformer on the circuit board of the monitor that generates the high voltage needed to create a the beam that draws to the phosphors as well as o

Jack and the beanstalk (part 3)

Work on this has been going good. I started work on the Giant's castle a week or so ago. Here are some screenshots of inside the castle. The triangles are stairs. If they lean right (like in the picture), they are stairs up. Leaning the other way means they're stairs going down. To use the stairs, all you need to do is touch them. Right now I have 3 floors of the castle in. I want to have a total of four floors and still have room in the code for the key hiding. I think I will. In

[Cancelled] True Fantasy Live Online

True Fantasy Live online was a cancelled Original Xbox MMORPG by developer Level-5.. maybe their only officially cancelled game.  In this blog post I will share a few interesting physical items that I've come across but first if you'd like a little more history on the game please check the Wiki in the spoiler box or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/True_Fantasy_Live_Online 07/01/21 - Level-5 has made some really lovely games. With captivative storytelling, world building and most import

#53 Music of 1998

The guys welcome special guest Gabe from Reel Talk: A Movie Podcast to discuss their favorite music of 1998. Some time is spent analyzing the lyrics or Meet Virginia, Gabe realizes he likes depressing songs and Matt talks about the best lyrics from the Can-I-Bus album.  Keep up with everyone: Matt  Video Game Blog Movie Review Facebook Group Movie Review YouTube Channel Luke Luke wrote a novel, Into the Wallwood, you can buy it HERE  Jason Follow his art page on Facebook - Jason Shepard ArtworX



Jack and the beanstalk (part 2)

So, level 1 is completed. I made a few changes. one bird is now 2 bats. bat collision sends you 5 screens back instead of the beginning. 21 screens to climb up. I tested this on a real Odyssey 2 and it works fine. Making change number 2 was very difficult. I had to go and figure out where the screen's stalk x position starting place was and then figure out where to put Jack so he's on the stalk (what to make his x position be), and then make the program put Jac

Track & Field - Running forever

Here was a fun one, several months ago I worked on a track & field pcb that was having some werid issues. The first issue was that the game refused to boot. What this ended up being was a bad interconnect ribbon cable. Easy enough fix. The second issue was that the game would actually run forever on the 100m. Typically it is supposed to end at some point, however in this case the runners just kept on going, going to a black screen until it timed out. This was a quick fix, the problem wa
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