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Coleco stuff today

I worked on Flying Potato Chips today. I am beginning work on the second level. The levels changing are an indication that something in the game has changed. For example, what I want to do is: level 2 - chicken nuggets start appearing. level 3  - popcorn enemy introduced shooting and floating faster than the pretzel. level 4 - enemies can (but not necessarily will) move up and down. and so on. I think if you shoot 25 enemies worth two points each, the

More Colecovision work

I don't have any new pictures to show. All the work done today had to do with music, so that's why. I did however add a game over screen, but it's just a "GAME OVER." message against the blue sky, so it's not really all that noteworthy. I added a title screen song, a game over song, and a level cleared song. As well as cleaning up stuff I had going wrong with the game so far. So the next time I pick this project back up, I'll begin work on the second level. Although I kind of want to wait until


Gamegearguy in Colecovision

Colecovision again.

Back to work on Flying Potato Chips. Today I added in the boss screen. It took a few hours to play, find bugs, try to fix the bugs, play again, find another bug, etc. But I think I have it squared away for now. I made the boss a red pretzel and he has onion rings to guard himself. You need to shoot the boss pretzel 5 in order to defeat him and go on to the next level. But there is no next level yet because I haven't got that far yet. Stuff I need to do before level 1 is finished include making s


Gamegearguy in Colecovision

Mega Man 9 NES Demo Cartridge

Introduction Mega Man 9 NES Demo Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (Switch) Mega Man 9 was originally released in 2008 as a downloadable game for the PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360, and for the PS4, Switch, and Xbox One a decade later as part of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. It returned to the audio and visual style of the NES Mega Man games, and played like the first two Mega Man games by removing Mega Man's slide and ability to charge up his weapon (the Mega Buster).

Colecovision work

All work and no play makes Chris a dull boy. I got a thing that will let me test my Colecovision game on a real Colecovision. And I armed the pretzels. They now shoot onion rings. So far I have 7 kb of my 32 kb filled before I need to bankswitch. Things ultimately I need to add in: more enemies. (need to think of junk food types that only are one colored.) vertical movement of enemies. chicken nugget for extra life? boss more levels. So yeah,


Gamegearguy in Colecovision

Skate Or Die! 2008

SKATE OR DIE 2008   Skate or Die 2008 opens with the negotiation of a minor drug transaction and is followed up with 5 or 6 minutes of trick-filled skateboarding through Paris that looks like it was intended to make it look like life in Paris is some- -thing much more lively, cheerful and fun than the noisy grey hole that it actually is.   Our main characters are Mickey and Idriss who look like black/white race-switch versions of each other.  Idriss has dreads


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Featured Member May 2024: RegularGuyGamer

What initially brought you to NA or VGS? I remember back in 2011 hearing the announcement that Nintendo Power was going to be discontinued. At the time, I was actually still picking the magazine up every couple of months just to page through at work and before bed. I started searching up when the last issue was going to be printed and if any third-party source would spiritually succeed in the efforts of putting together a decent game magazine like Nintendo had for so many years. There were

Reed Rothchild

Reed Rothchild in Featured Members

Nintendo Donkey Kong - Dead zone for moving objects

I had a goofball one last night. I accidentally found the issue with a donkey kong board on my bench. I was poking around the moving objects circuit because I had a "dead zone" where moving objects would disappear. So while poking around I set my hand on the board near the 74LS161 at 5L. I just so happened to touch the via of the output of 5P which unknown to me at the time was floating. My hand had effected the signal just enough to register as a "valid" signal. After replacing th


SNESNESCUBE64 in Arcade Repair

Bob The and Larry

I was looking at "Uncle Grandpa with no context" clips on YouTube and I got an idea. I was going to make my own animated show. Armed with my Pinnacle Studio 19, I began work. I know I can't draw, but that won't stop me. I've got about 1 1/3 minutes' worth of animation done. It took at least 2 hours. Then I had to "refine" and add in new ideas I thought up. And then I was done after about 45 more minutes' worth. And then I was done for the day. Bob The (The is Bob's last name) and

Potato Chips vs. Pretzels

The ultimate food fight. Which snack food beginning with the letter P will win? You play the role of Paul Peterson, a potato chip out for revenge. Seems those evil pretzels are really evil. They sure taste evil, like cardboard. This is the first level. I am going to make the pretzel shoot out onion rings sometimes. Today I discovered that if four or more sprites are on the same y register, they all blink like crazy. The only way I know of to make multicolored sprites is to use more th

Colecovision programming

I've been dabbling with Colecovision Basic a lot. I decided to attempt a port of Flying Hamburgers for it. I have so far a scrolling title screen. For the scrolling, I wanted something simple. Fortunately, I was able to get something working after a few hours and a provided example later. I can't believe there's three different shades of green. It helps with the look of the grass a lot. The straight blades help with seeing that the screen is moving forwards. Without them, it looks lik

Live at the 2024 Midwest Gaming Classic

Get the episode here, or find us on your preferred podcasting app of choice! In the first-ever live HBGC show, the gang interviews NES developers John Vanderhoef and Greg Caldwell. John is the Byte Off Award-winning creator of the Orebody series, including Hunt the Wampus, Orebody: Binder's Tale, and Oratorio. Greg Caldwell is a member of Retrotainment Games, developers of classic homebrew titles Full Quiet, Haunted Halloween '85 and '86, and Garbage Pail Kids: Mad Mike and the Quest for St

Paku Paku for the Odyssey²

I think I'm responsible for half the Odyssey² homebrew library, if not more. Yet I'm starting work on a new Odyssey² game. This time it's a port of the game Paku Paku. I wondered if the Odyssey² could handle it, so I'm trying to do it. I just started on this yesterday. So there's tons more left to do. It was like that with the Intellivision, some one else did Pac-Line for the Intellivision. And I was sad. But shocked nobody tried to do Pac-Line for the Odyssey² yet. So I'm doing


¡SPOILER ALERT!  DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU'VE SEEN THE MOVIE OR JUST DON'T CARE ABOUT MASSIVE SPOILERS!   NINJA III: THE DOMINATION   (Breakdown w/Peanut Gallery Comments)   My very first thought as the film opens with a guy descending into a cavern and unearthing some relic was: “Oh My God it’s Burial Ground!”  Am I about to be treated to Ninjas and Zombies?  Nope.  But you can’t blame a guy for hoping.   The movie proceeds with an Evil Ninja




I decided to attempt to make a Jaguar game. This is what I have so far, with a little music playing. I had a really hard time trying to make the pineapple be small at the beginning and then zoom up to the front of the screen but I did it. The Jaguar has built-in scaling effects, so I just used them. The sound of it zooming up was hard to make. So was the title screen music. Putting the music into the game was even harder. So now with the title screen completed, I now need t

Featured Member March 2024: Hammerfestus

What initially brought you to NA? I initially came to NA after we bought our house in like 2012-2013.  We’d both come armed with NES games.  Mine were childhood games and some stuff I’d picked up randomly from the local used media chain during college but most of hers were given to her by some dude I can only assume was named Pringle.  One evening I decided to go through the boxes to see what was in there and what it was worth.  That process and Google led me to NA where I discovered in my

You, too, can be a banana guarder

I changed the lemon back to a banana. And during the past week or so I finished the game. And now it is ready for release. And it will be released. I don't know exactly when, within a few months or so. I think I did a pretty good job putting this in 2k. I have one byte left, so I really had to cram stuff in there, AND also make it work at the same time. I also came back to my Odyssey 1 project I started a year ago. I designed the overlay to part 1, not to mention think it up

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Introduction Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is the Nintendo 3DS's enhanced port of "Kirby's Epic Yarn", originally released for the Wii in 2010. It was the last game Nintendo released for the 3DS in 2019, and has become somewhat of an uncommon, hidden gem. When the game was announced for the Wii in 2010, I didn't think much of it. I read some previews, watched some videos, and looked at some screenshots. I liked the game's visual style and that it was a side-scrolling platforming

when life hands you lemons...

I don't know why, but I keep changing my 2k Atari 2600 game Fruit Fly Fun. I guess it's an attempt to try making it better and better. I never did like the banana in the bottom. So I changed it to a lemon. And I changed the clouds so they look far away. Since they do, I then decided to get rid of the enemies going behind the clouds part since there was no longer a need for it. Most of the work was attempting to avoid jagged edges on the playfield (clouds, lemon). I don't know why

Episode 43: Flap Happy

A Homebrew Draws Near! A blog series by @Scrobins Episode 43: Flap Happy Introduction: I’ve covered a number of homebrew games made by veteran programmers with significant experience developing for modern platforms who are now channeling their nostalgia to bring something new to the consoles of their childhoods. These passion projects represent a bridge between the adult skills and modern gaming sensibilities of the developer now, and their inner child craving the chanc

Well I guess that Esper Realm Gate meant nothing and now I resist the urge to quit!

Lol, the title is a bit of a lie, or at least it's hyperbole.  I am walking through a guide when I feel like I'm getting stuck, or I just want to plow on through parts, but I'm not trying to look ahead too much for spoilers.  After my previous post, I was at the part in the game where I was going to open the Esper Gate.  I was aware that the main world seemed to be about half the game and then there's some realm that is the second half, or at least a large part of it.  I assumed I was about to e


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2k games for the Atari 2600

When one thinks about 2k games for the Atari 2600, they think of titles like Kaboom, Breakout, and Golf. The first ever Atari 2600 homebrew, Okie Dokie, is 2k. Well, a year ago, I thought I'd take a stab at a better 2k game for the Atari 2600. My first one about a stalk of celery burning vegetarians in an incinerator was just too far out there. It was also my first assembly game. If I was going to make a 2k game, I would need to do it in assembly instead of Batari Basic. I had to stop progr

Physical and Digital Releases

Introduction Of course, I had to talk about this eventually. Things have clearly changed in the last decade or so, and even in the last few years. For more than a decade, video games have been released both physically and digitally, with some games receiving digital releases only. With some exceptions (Disney Classic Games Collection, for example), video games don't usually include manuals anymore. Some games are released physically in a limited amount. Some physical releases don't in
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