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Celery - level 2 " Spacing Out"



Work on level two of my Channel F game has begun. It took longer than usual due to the fact the computer was not cooperating with me until it decided it had itself enough fun and began to work. So in level 2, Mr. Celery is in a spaceship. Lasers are coming at him from four directions and he needs the help of the blockers to block the lasers from destroying his ship.

I haven't put in the blockers yet. They will be green and show outside his ship. Pressing left on the joystick will make a blocker appear to the left of the ship, and like so for the three other directions.


In this picture, the celery's ship is being attacked from below. So you'd need to press down to get the blocker to show up and block the shot had I put in the blockers yet. But that will come tomorrow since I've been working on this for like 3 hours trying to get shots from all four directions to come.

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