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Dope on a rope



I tried again to get the sixth game in my Channel F Celery game working. I think I have it good now.


Mr. Celery is hanging on a rope crossing the five piranha-filled gaps. As you can see, a piranha jumps out randomly out of one of the gaps. Your job is to guide the celery to the other side a whole bunch of times while not getting bit by a piranha.

I found my Channel F multicart! This is basically what led me to continue work on this game. I originally tried to make a similar game, but I had to give up after differing speed issues. So I tried it again, and this time, it seems to work fine whether left or right is pressed or not. The piranha jumps out of and back into the water without his speed varying. Unfortunately, work on a Channel F flashcart seemed to have stopped (I am not the one working on that!)

This should be the last game on the game since I don't have any more room on the menu for any more.


This game, titled "Go Fish?" was originally going to be more like the Game and Watch game "Octopus", but then it morphed into what you see above. Interesting that it still has a water theme.


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