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What I'm working on for the various consoles I can program for.

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Tunnels of Terror (part 1)

After Jack and the Beanstalk has entered testing phases, people don't really seem to find any bugs with what I have. I've been working on another Odyssey² homebrew. Someone on the Videopac.nl forum mentioned Turmoil and how it might be a good fit for the Odyssey². So, I decided to see what I could do with it. This is day 4 of working on it and here is what I have so far. Right now it's an 8k game. I figured if I had four banks, why not use them? Man, that link is big. I wish Video


Gamegearguy in Odyssey 2

Jack and the beanstalk (part 7)

I've been having internet connection issues lately, to the point where I had to get a new modem. I'm hoping this will fix it, because I plugged in a phone in the phone jack I'm using internet for and got a dial tone. Between verious spurts of it working, I have worked on trying to fix bugs in the game. When the internet would come back on, I'd upload the game and my playtester would test it and report any bugs he'd seen back. Well, yesterday, he reported not seeing any bugs! So this means I need


Gamegearguy in Odyssey 2

Jack and the beanstalk (part 6)

My internet was down for most of the day today. I worked on Jack and the Beanstalk for a little bit, trying to figure out how to redo things and make stuff work. I realized I had to redo the Jack sprite in the castle again for a bug to disappear. He now walks like this: Not a very good walk, but I fear it has to be this way, otherwise bugs creep in and ruin the game. While my internet was down, I cataloged my Odyssey² collection. As it turns out, I have 78 games for it. This includes a


Gamegearguy in Odyssey 2

Jack and the beanstalk (part 5)

I think I figured out the problem with the walls. If Jack's animation switches to a new frame that is touching the grid when before it wasn't, of course he'll get stuck in it. So I had to design a Jack that is very minimal and doesn't change a whole lot yet changes enough to make it necessary for it to be animated. This is my attempt: So I have to do it this way. Today I worked on the ending. It's a very minimalist ending, though, as I didn't have room for a very grand one. Odyssey2 pr


Gamegearguy in Odyssey 2

Jack and the beanstalk (part 4)

I finished the fourth floor. I also put the key in the game. It hides itself in a room and your job once you get in the castle is to find it. It's your only way out of the castle: only when you defeat the giant will the exit show from the castle. But this blog entry is more about the beanstalk. I figured I might put in the down part of the beanstalk since I didn't think it would take very long. Was I wrong! I had to go to sleep with semi-broken code at about 1 in the morning. I woke up this

Jack and the beanstalk (part 3)

Work on this has been going good. I started work on the Giant's castle a week or so ago. Here are some screenshots of inside the castle. The triangles are stairs. If they lean right (like in the picture), they are stairs up. Leaning the other way means they're stairs going down. To use the stairs, all you need to do is touch them. Right now I have 3 floors of the castle in. I want to have a total of four floors and still have room in the code for the key hiding. I think I will. In

Jack and the beanstalk (part 2)

So, level 1 is completed. I made a few changes. one bird is now 2 bats. bat collision sends you 5 screens back instead of the beginning. 21 screens to climb up. I tested this on a real Odyssey 2 and it works fine. Making change number 2 was very difficult. I had to go and figure out where the screen's stalk x position starting place was and then figure out where to put Jack so he's on the stalk (what to make his x position be), and then make the program put Jac

Jack and the beanstalk

So last Friday I started a new Odyssey 2 project: Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack needs to climb the beanstalk. Most of my time was spent trying to decide what rules I wanted to have in place. I went from Jack being able to fall off the beanstalk to forcing him to always stay on the beanstalk. I went from a little bird to a big bird and then back to a little bird. Beanstalk climbing isn't the only part of the game. If it was, it wouldn't be a very engaging game. There will also be a

Odyssey 2

I'm back working on a new (actually old) Odyssey 2 game. I have a new intro for my games. The screen that says "Cedar Games" and displays the tree. Well now it still does, but with different noises. I worked for a long time trying to integrate it into ZipZap (all night in fact), but I gave up. So that ended with me going to bed at about 10 a.m. When I got up at 7 p.m., I went back to work trying to make it actually work. It was hard, but I eventually did it. Not only that, I put it int

ZipZap (f.k.a. Xybort)

So I changed the name of the Xybort game to ZipZap. And I worked on levels 3 and 4. I can't really think of anything else to do, so it may be finished. So I'm not releasing the final ROM because of piracy concerns (although I would be very flattered if someone were to pirate my games). Level 3 has a yellow ball bouncing around a purple background (along with the usual UFOs) and level 4 has a desert theme with robots following your ship trying to get it. It is really hard to not crash into t

Xybort - level 2

Watch out for the airplanes flying from right to left. So I didn't have a very hard time with this, except for the making my code I wanted it to be easier working a couple days ago. I wanted to make the levels differing code at the end so it wasn't interfering with the code structure. But this proved to be a difficult task since it wasn't working on a real Odyssey 2. It wouldn't get past the title screen. But eventually I made it work. I added a boss which moves around horizontally. The nex

Xybort returns

After a two month hiatus, I recently began continuing work on this game. I added a few things, but I want to add a whole lot more. So I think this might end up being an 8k cartridge. Tonight I worked on adding a second enemy in that shoots at you. Oddly, I got finished at about 3 a.m., but the previous night was spent trying to make what I have work on a real Odyssey 2. I FINALLY got done at about 7 a.m. yesterday morning, even though I started work both times at about midnight. I love my Odysse


I have decided to make a new Odyssey 2 game. It will be called Xybort. I have been playing around with the title screen trying to get it just right. That's all I've done so far, though. Perhaps tomorrow I will actually work on the in-game stuff now that the title screen is completed. In case you're wondering, that white x above the big X is a sparkle. It switches between an multiply sign and a plus sign very fast, creating an illusion of a sparkle. In case you're wondering what Xybort

No more room

So after a well-deserved sleep (I slept for about 16 hours), at 2:30a.m. I was up and at 'em again. Made a new little enemy to replace the turtle. I think it looks kind of like a goomba, but I was careful not to make it look too much like one. I had a little bit of room left, so I figured with it, I could animate the fireball. After using too much room, I simplified a little bit of code near it to make it fit. Very snugly, though, since even though I'm using 2,037/2,048 bytes, it won't


Gamegearguy in Odyssey 2

I tried again.

So I was having horrible trouble getting the fireball to come when a specific amount of points was got. I programmed for a couple hours until I got something working on an Odyssey 2 emulator, but it didn't work on a real Odyssey 2. So I pulled an all-nighter trying to make the thing work on a real Odyssey 2. Finally, at 7:21 in the morning, I made it work. This bit of code worried me:     mov r0,#score_l        mov a,@r0         add a,#245     jnc rrrrr The four-digit score


Gamegearguy in Odyssey 2

Back to the Odyssey 2

So I finally got back into Odyssey2 programming again. This game is like Mario Bros. It's called "Pipe Down". It only has two enemies, and the fireball is always on. But I did try to add some interesting things. Like if you don't kick the enemy within a certain limit, it gets back up and starts walking again (which is in Mario Bros.) Unfortunately I don't have room for much else (like coins or other enemies). The last version I tested works great on a real Odyssey 2, though, so that's


Gamegearguy in Odyssey 2

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