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Celery level 3 part 2



So I am calling level 3 finished.


After I transformed it from a glitchy mess into something that looks halfway decent. It took about 3 or 4 days of work to complete the level, but I did it. The blocks travel horizontally. Your job is to get to the other side by hopping on the blocks. It's a lot like the part with the logs (the upper part of the screen) in Frogger. But unlike Frogger, I designed it so you can travel to the edge of the screen and come back on the other side. This is because I found it difficult to keep jumping on the blocks when they only have one point where they meet and then you'd die. And since you can only travel up, it made sense.

So now I need to stop and think about what level 4 should be. Does anyone have any ideas?


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