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What I'm working on for the various consoles I can program for.

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Save the puppies again.

I got back to working on Save the Puppies. It's a game I've been making for Game Boy. Just to see if I could, I attempted to make this a 64k game. This time, I had success in making a bankswitched Game Boy game. Although I don't really know what I'll do with the extra room. Perhaps make 50 levels worth of gameplay with it? Worked on it yesterday, trying to make it compatible with GBDK-2020. I managed to do that. Then I played it on a Super Game Boy. It had obvious audio issues, which, with


Gamegearguy in Game Boy

Save the puppies!

I decided the game about poop was too gross. So I took some time, redrew the sprites, and made it a game about saving puppies. Under my right thumb nail itches really bad. Anyway, I needed to tell someone because it's really annoying, especially when trying to type. I made a new website for the game. If you go to the Nincompoop website, click the link to be redirected to it.  


I've been working on a new Game Boy game called "Nincompoop." It's about a piece of poop that goes around the screen collecting poop that pops up in random places. You can download the latest version on the official Nincompoop website. I've added a title screen with music. I need some feedback about the music though. It never hurts to have another set of ears listening to it. I've been listening, and tweaking, and listening again for so long, it's become normal. Anyway, press Start on the title
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