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Channel F Stuff



For a little change of pace, I worked on a new Channel F game.


This is a zyx. Its favorite activity is eating blueberries falling from the sky. Its least favorite activity is eating cauliflower falling from the sky. Today a zyx is on an island in the Green Sea where reports of blueberries falling from the sky were reported. So this adventurous zyx went to check it out. It was true! But unfortunately so were cauliflowers. There's always a catch.

As you can see, I put in a score and a life counter. And collision detection is working, although it doesn't check if you ate a blueberry or a cauliflower yet. The score is 6 digirs, although I could have made it 8, but I figure nobody will make it past 999999.

Stuff to add: I'll make the zyx jump. I'll make some more food that does different stuff, like go left and right. What is a big, red food? Perhaps I'll make it a red pumpkin. I don't know yet.

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