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  1. So I was making the beginning of Count's Castle for the Atari 2600 (The "lost" Kid's Controller game) when the power went out. I was expecting it to be out for a couple days since we had an ice storm here that toppled trees. It lasted SIX DAYS. For almost a week, all I had to keep myself warm was a gas fireplace. And all I had to entertain myself with was the radio and a Game Boy. Many hours were spent trying to figure out the puzzles in Daedalian Opus and trying to complete the screen in Word Zap. Then, yesterday at about 4 p.m., the electricity came back on. So I went back to work on Co
  2. I was having trouble with this game getting the cutting just right every single time. An idea came to me as I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep. Make the Cutting variable the same as the PlayerY variable. This meant when PlayerY moved, so did the Cutting variable. And THIS meant setting a permanent variable for all of PlayerY's positions. Thankfully it wasn't as complicated as it sounds. It just meant to put in this code before exiting the Joystick code: [code] sec lda #255 sbc PlayerY lsr adc #41 sta NoseHairCutMark
  3. I started working on level 3 of Quest of the Cranberry a few days ago. But I was looking at my code (which is over 5,500 lines long) and I decided that I might want to move the password entering code to the end instead of the beginning because I will add to it as I make new levels. And I may break something. Apparently the Channel F is as finicky with code as the Odyssey 2. So I managed to move the password code down to the end and make it work in only about 15 minutes. So now I can actually begin more work on level 3. I changed the passwords a little bit. And I got rid of a bug that allo
  4. I finished level 2 of Quest of the Cranberry for the Channel F this morning. It was hard. But I finally got it working okay after a few hours of coding. I still don't know what the problem is (I think it might have something to do with code page boundaries, but I'm not sure.) I spent almost all day asleep. I went to sleep at about noon and woke up at 3 a.m. after a horrible nightmare. So I got up and solved the problem I was having earlier. Once you get to the end of level 2, it freezes for a bit, and then returns to the title screen like I wanted it to. So now that level 2 is over with, it's
  5. New version. Lots of lovely stuff. But apparently I can't attach it because all the accepted file types are images.
  6. So I worked some more on Uncle Hairy's Nosehair tonight. I went to sleep at about 11 a.m. and woke up at 10 p.m. because my leg hurt. I saw someone found a bug, so I was off to fix that. And then the stupid scanline wasn't being steady. Most of my work on this game has been attempting to make the scan line count be a steady 262. I did find a way however to add back the color changes and have music at the same time. But now I have 0 bytes left. That is, if I want to make it a 2k game (which I do.) I think I am about ready though, to call this finished and move on to my next project. I was
  7. Music has returned to Uncle Hairy's Nosehair. The colors don't change any more though (unless you flip the switch to b&w). I also made some more changes. For instance, if the demon gets the box, you lose 10 points. And I also made the nosehair's beginning growing speed slower. And then I had to get the scanline count a steady 262 so it doesn't jitter on real hardware. That is the hardest part of the projects I do in Atari 2600 assembly. The machine is what? 45 years old? It shouldn't be stupid hard to program for it. But if there was no Intellivision BASIC, or a way to make Game Boy and Vi
  8. I want to finish Uncle Hairy's Nosehair. I returned to work on it. I made it so when the box pops up, the demon stops chasing you and goes after it. Nothing special if he gets it, although you lose all the points lost while the scissors weren't going after the nosehair, and you do have to wait a little bit for another box to pop up. There's no more music, but there is color cycling when the game isn't running (think "Combat"). So now I have 10 bytes left. And I spent hours and hours working on this last night and today trying to get the scanline count steady at 262. And I think I did. Here is
  9. I'm still working on this whenever I get a desire to. Added a boss level, much like the one in the Virtual Boy version. There's a giant eggplant shooting giant peas at you. Shoot him twenty times to get past the level. I only have two levels done: Meat Meadow and Mayonnaise Mountains. Soon I will work on Sesame Seed Sea. I worked on the boss for a couple hours because the computer was being a jerk and wouldn't do what I told it to. But eventually it worked.
  10. I decided to make a version of Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland for the Intellivision. I finished the Virtual Boy version on Christmas, and started this on January 10. Here is the title screen for it. I've been working on this each morning and it is technically a game. You can die in it and there's a score. But there is much work to do. Instead of the milkshakes in the Virtual Boy version, the enemies in the Intellivision version will be different forms of vegetables. This may change: - lettuce heads may shoot at you or may not. - eggplants won't shoot at you. - corn will
  11. Latest Xybort news: Now you can move your ship and make it shoot out laser beams. But most of my waking hours I've been super busy working on my Quiz Wiz game. What I'm doing is making my own trivia questions, but making sure the answers match the ones on cartridge #1 (the most common Quiz Wiz cartridge.) So when I'm done, I will put new labels on #1 cartridges. I have a long way to go to finish. Each cartridge has 1,001 questions. I'm betting a team of writers wrote the questions, but I'm just one guy so it will take much longer. I just now made question #135. Each cartridge ha
  12. I have decided to make a new Odyssey 2 game. It will be called Xybort. I have been playing around with the title screen trying to get it just right. That's all I've done so far, though. Perhaps tomorrow I will actually work on the in-game stuff now that the title screen is completed. In case you're wondering, that white x above the big X is a sparkle. It switches between an multiply sign and a plus sign very fast, creating an illusion of a sparkle. In case you're wondering what Xybort is going to be like, it will basically be a space shooter where you're shooting stuff in space. But
  13. I thought I had a topic about this, but I can't find it anywhere. Anyway, I'm about done with my fly-swatting game for Game Boy. 10 copies will be made when it is finished. Right now I'm looking for play testers and feedback about the game. I've attached the most recent ROM here. Let me know what you think. flies19.gb
  14. I worked some more on the game. Here's a video of me playing it with the Stella emulator. I made it so the nosehair demon chases you around the screen instead of him moving randomly. Since he now does this, I could delete a fair amount of code associated with the process of randomly moving around, and as a result I now have about 70 bytes left, which is up from about 30. I also made it so you can play the game in black and white instead of in color. Though I doubt many people will, I just thought I'd put it in there because I did so in MidSpace and I figured I might as well do it her
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