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  1. You can buy my Game Gear homebrew game at RetroCircuits. Also, there are some GameGear homebrew games on SMS Power. I am currently working on a sequel to my first Game Gear game.
  2. While working on this, I introduced a bunch of bugs. But I think I got rid of all of them now. Here is a screenshot. Libraries need to be in video games more.
  3. A little video of level 6 in action so far:
  4. Monthly update: I've made a couple screens since the last time. I don't work on it very often, not because I don't want to, it's because I don't have any ideas. So whenever an idea pops up in my head, I work on it.
  5. V. 17 fixed a few things, mostly with the PAUSE feature. I also attempted to fix the things in the previous post. flies17.gb
  6. V. 16 Changed and fixed a couple of things. flies16.gb
  7. There is a sound if you successfully hit the bomb with the hand. I saw a couple of times the hand be nearby the bomb when it disappeared, so maybe that's what happened.
  8. Sorry I was so long. I had trouble with the boss fight, and then I had to go to sleep because I was sleepy. V. 15 Bug bomb now working. It shows up when there's a bee on the screen (and not during the boss fights.) The amount of time between them, the amount of time they work and the amount of time they remain on screen can be adjusted easily. One thing I don't get though is why the game runs slowly if you get more than 9 lives. Thus I tried my best to not make that happen, but if it does for some reason, let me know. flies15.gb
  9. I tried again and I think I got it. New ROM soon.
  10. I give up on the bug bomb. I can't get it working at all.
  11. I haven't decided on how to release this yet. I thought 8 sprites was the maximum amount that can be showed on one horizontal line.
  12. Polished up what I have. I designed a DDT bug bomb sprite I haven't put in the game yet. The plan is when it's swatted, the bees will disappear for a few seconds. That will use 7 sprites at the same time when it's on the screen (the bees are 2 sprites each, plus hand, plus fly, plus DDT bomb=7.) flies14.gb
  13. Fixed the bad guys random movement. Now they can come from anywhere off screen. I'm going to sleep now. It's past my bedtime. flies13.gb
  14. V. 12 changes: Collision detection on boss fly better. Added second background (you can see it on wave 2) Added "wave #" screen (press start to play) made hand darker color so it can be seen better. added pause function flies12.gb
  15. What I am thinking of doing is changing the background for each stage. I like and want to keep in a "marathon" mode as well. It kind of is in different "stages" now, with no bees, then one bee, then two bees, then fly boss, it just repeats over and over again though. A game with stages though would have a definite ending. I'll think about what other kind of enemies I can add into it.
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