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  1. Better. I'm not sure I like the way the sand is a dark color but oh well.
  2. The way the black works is that if you use it as a color, you need to get rid of another red hue, because one of the four needs to be transparent. I don't think I have enough room in the image to have trees and then have outlines of the trees. The tree's black outlines needs to be in the same area of the original image, and I'm already using more than half of the area allotted for the foreground. I might tinker around with what I have though to see if I can do it anyway.
  3. I designed a level 8 for the game. It's a beach scene. I still have to do music for it. Then levels 9, 10 and ending, and it will be all done. I am wondering though whether or not I should make a custom font for the game. I know how to, but I don't know if I should. I want some originality, but at the same time I want it to be legible like it is now. I also worked some more on Pipe Down, that Odyssey 2 game I've been working on, changing things to make it better. Not running code that doesn't need to be run. That made it better and less flickery at the top when the guy dies. Som
  4. So after a well-deserved sleep (I slept for about 16 hours), at 2:30a.m. I was up and at 'em again. Made a new little enemy to replace the turtle. I think it looks kind of like a goomba, but I was careful not to make it look too much like one. I had a little bit of room left, so I figured with it, I could animate the fireball. After using too much room, I simplified a little bit of code near it to make it fit. Very snugly, though, since even though I'm using 2,037/2,048 bytes, it won't compile if I add anything to that. But still, I doubt I could make an impact to the game using just
  5. So I was having horrible trouble getting the fireball to come when a specific amount of points was got. I programmed for a couple hours until I got something working on an Odyssey 2 emulator, but it didn't work on a real Odyssey 2. So I pulled an all-nighter trying to make the thing work on a real Odyssey 2. Finally, at 7:21 in the morning, I made it work. This bit of code worried me: mov r0,#score_l mov a,@r0 add a,#245 jnc rrrrr The four-digit score is broken up into two variables: low and high (hence the l.) This code checks to see if the score is
  6. The main game is done. It has 6 levels. I will now work on a minigame, accessible via password. I plan to have this project done by September 2021.
  7. So I finally got back into Odyssey2 programming again. This game is like Mario Bros. It's called "Pipe Down". It only has two enemies, and the fireball is always on. But I did try to add some interesting things. Like if you don't kick the enemy within a certain limit, it gets back up and starts walking again (which is in Mario Bros.) Unfortunately I don't have room for much else (like coins or other enemies). The last version I tested works great on a real Odyssey 2, though, so that's good. I especially like the fireball is multicolored. This was done by putting the period character
  8. I thought that the picture of the hamburger I had on the title screen was really crappy. It didn't look anything like a burger. So I decided to change it. I drew a logo on a piece of paper, then scanned it, then colored it in and this is what I got: There. This way I can change the copyright words (if I need to, like suppose I don't get it done next year. It would be a lot easier, I'd just change the 1 to a 2 in the text. Or suppose a homebrew making company wants to be there instead of me. I can easily change that as well.) I had lots of fun drawing this one. As you can see, I
  9. So I figured out that the Channel F will not be able to do what I'd like it to do, so I had to give up on the fly swatting game. And I went back to work on Hamburgers for the Virtual Boy. Nothing much, just added a level selection feature. You can select which level to start on. If I finish the game, I plan to move this from available upon start to accessing it via a special code (button pressing sequences on the title screen.) I woke up this morning at 9 a.m. due to my stomach hurting. An hour or so later, I felt a lot better, but now that I'm back from the post office (had to wear the t
  10. So I'm back to programming for the Fairchild Channel F again. I wish there was a Flashcart for this. But that will probably never happen, due to lack of interest. Anyway, this time I'm making a game called... It's a fly swatting game, akin to the one in Mario Paint for the Super NES. So there are these flies. Your job is to swat them. To activate the fly swatter, push down on the joystick. If you hit one, that fly will disappear and another one will come take its place in a random position. Right now it's kind of a boring game because it has no obstacles nor score, but I will change
  11. Level 4 is the underwater level. Level 5 is snow. I didn't create the snowman and igloo seen here, but I did arrange the version of "Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow" in the background. I stole the snowflake shape from Wingdings. I also made a black outline for the hamburger because apparently people requested it. So I obliged, although I don't personally like it, but OK. So now I need to design 5 more levels and some ending screens. One for a non-perfect score (<1000) and one for a perfect score (1000) even though I doubt anyone will actually see the perfect score ending. You'
  12. Put in a few features in my Virtual Boy game. Yes, the dreaded auto-pausing feature makes an appearance in a homebrew game. I also put in the ipd/focus adjustment screen. And to make sure the auto-pause paused after 15 minutes. I played it for 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes later, it worked. My message came up on the screen. I also put in a battery low message. When the battery in the Virtual Boy gets low, a picture of a battery appears on screen next to the score. That was a pain to test because Mednafen had no feature to simulate a low battery. So I had to make it so wh
  13. I changed how the game works. Instead of you needing to shoot 80 milkshakes to force the boss fight, you just need to pass 80 milkshakes. Everything else is about the same. When 20 pass, you get the faster ones, when 40 pass, you get the up and down milkshakes, when 60 pass, you get a random choosing. Starting on level 3 though, I made the boss milkshake move up and down. This makes it a little harder for you to shoot it. Also, you MUST shoot the boss milkshake 20 times to pass the level. I somehow made the title screen say the correct score number instead of all zeroes. Next up I want to do a
  14. The desert, complete with cacti and Giza-like pyramids, is the backdrop for level 3. I guess I should mention that when the level changes, the music changes and the chance of the milkshakes shooting you increasing. So unless I decide to add in another type of enemy, the main part of the game is complete. All I have to do is keep thinking of different places for the hamburgers to be flying around. But I think I will change something: The boss. I think I'll add in him moving up and down in the later levels. Perhaps starting with level 4. I just need to remember to do it when the time comes to pu
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