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  1. Golden Pineapples is like that marble jumping game where you jump marbles over each other like in checkers. There is a twist in my game though: you can move a pineapple even if it won't jump over a pineapple to remove it. Right now there are seven levels but I plan to add many more along with some choosable background music. There are instructions on the game's website. http://www.atari2600land.com/gameboy/goldenpineapples.html This is a screenshot of the Super Game Boy version.
  2. I think the game is completely finished. I'm testing for bugs now. If you would like to help, PM me and I'll send the rom.
  3. OK, so someone at AtariAge helped me to make Bert's pupils black. So I guess the question now is: Would you buy this? I don't want to have unsold copies of this game sitting around. I also have been working on Game Boy programming. I have been working on tree collision on a game I just started called "The Legend of Helga." I improved what I had earlier this morning and now it's working just fine. I'm at a good place to stop now, so I'll pause work on this for a few days and see where I want to take this. I don't know, I guess I'll have to continue work on something or else I'll be bored. I have trouble falling asleep because my mind is always being creative and thinking of stuff to do. When I get tired, I'm usually working on something and sleeping has to wait because I think I'm close to a major breakthrough when I'm actually not and need to find a good stopping point because I don't want to make a simple mistake because I'm really sleepy and then have the game break with no way of finding out how I broke it. (how's that for a run-on sentence?)
  4. After a flurry of programming this morning and afternoon, I finished the paperclip game. Although I did have to spend a few hours making the picture steady, which took a couple of extra hours. But I think I have everything in it: The pigeons, the paperclips, what else could a program about Bert need? Well, someone to publish a few dozen copies with overlay would be nice. I designed the overlay, all someone has to do is print them. And have the cartridges made. Since as to not profit off the game, I'll make it free if I ever make it. Yes, I'll have to eat the costs, but perhaps Sesame Workshop won't go after me then.
  5. So I was looking through my old files on my computer and I saw Bert. I've decided to add another game to Bert's Pigeons. So now it's called Bert's Games. I watched Sesame Street as a kid. But I was too young to have the Sesame Street games for the Atari 2600. Later on in life, I got them all now and a Kid's Controller. And I became smart enough (barely) to attempt to make a Sesame Street game for the Atari 2600. I learned how to program for the Kid's Controller by making a simple Count's Castle (the unreleased but planned Sesame Street game) experiment where it shows a number of bats and you have to press the corresponding number of bats on the screen. But I doubt many people like Bert more than the Count, so I began making it a few years ago. When I started, it was just Bert's face. But then I learned how to write text on the screen with the playfield, so I added the title of the game to it. So there's two games, one involving pigeons (completed), and the other involving paper clips (which I just started work on). I will post more about this game as I program it. You'd think the original Sesame Street games would put the character on the title screen, but no. Plus, the B looks really odd, so I made my own B and I think mine looks better. I know I will probably never get this released due to the copyright of the muppets, but oh well. It's fun making it, so I'll continue.
  6. So recently, I found out that Firefox isn't allowing people to download .bin files because it thinks they're malware or viruses. Since I have ablsoultely no knowledge of how to put malware or viruses into my games, you can safely download my games without worrying about that. I think you have to use Edge to do that however, since Firefox is being stubborn about it. Which is really dumb because I don't know how long it had been for me to download .bin files without Firefox warning me and refusing to download them. Just a heads-up.
  7. No, I didn't choose it to get views. The problem is I just didn't know how offensive it was. I apologize now, even if it does seem too late or insincere, but it really is sincere. I'm also sorry that I'm stupid and didn't study in history class. I'm just an idiot, that's all.
  8. The reason I asked to delete my account was because I feared I lost all my likeability with the previous blog entry and didn't want to be a burden on this forum any more. I'm not a racist, but I guess I should not make puns of that stuff. So here is an edited version of my Atari 2600 game. I spent an hour changing it to something more acceptible to everyone. This is Bob. He's a bird. I need to make a better bird sprite.
  9. I can't find any info anywhere about this.
  10. So I finished my Game Gear game about the burgers. Big surprise no one cares enough to want to publish it. So now I'm on to my next game. I've decided to make a better Soccer Odyssey 2 game. I did 1 on 1 Basketball before. So I worked and worked and worked some more. And I'll probably work more on this unless the game craps out on me and decides to break (which it has done a few times on just this ROM. I had to erase what I had and restart from the past save point a lot.) I have way too much free time on my hands, so I like to spend it on little projects so I don't get bored. I get bored really easily if I'm not working on something. I don't like to watch TV very much now except for the news. Apparently the world forgot "those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it." Everything works okay for now. I began this project then abandoned it so when I come back to it, I found a lot of spaghetti code. Which was needed because when I tried to change it, 9 times out of 10 it broke something in the game. But now I have it stable. It works on a real Odyssey 2, I just tested it a few minutes ago. So what's next is to add the goals. I think adding some walls would do nicely as well. I could check to see if the ball hits the walls. And for the players I could put in a little extra code restricting movement to inside the field only. Something like this: And then the score can go on the bottom, perhaps a timer as well. Or I could make it the first to 10 goals wins the game. Or would that be too Pong-like? I have 2 spare sprites I can use for something else. Perhaps I'll use them and put in a white-colored net for each goal. But I don't know what happens when one soccer team scores a goal. It's not very likely I'll work on this tomorrow (it's 7:19 p.m. here) since I'm burned out on this already.
  11. update: the game has been finished. You can download a demo version of the game in the link the post above this one.
  12. Decided that since I had power and I was bored to continue work on my Game Gear game I was making. I made some changes to level 10. It now looks like this: Since I decided on wooden walls, it cheered up the hall a lot. Not that I wanted it to be cheery. I also put in some chandeliers in the hall. The portrait of the milkshake used to be a portrait of an old man. But then I decided "Who is that?" and people may read into the game more than I intended, I changed it to a portrait of a milkshake. Couldn't quite get the cherry on top since I'm only limited to 16 colors for the background and all other options looked blurry or dumb. Level 9 is a snow level. No, it's not a picture I took of outside (although it would look a lot similar!) I also figured out sprite priority, so the burger now falls behind the score instead of in front of it. So here's what's left to do before the game is finished is: compose level 9 music make ending screen compose ending music test it all on a real Game Gear and make color changes as needed. In case you're wondering why I didn't make this a Master System game instead is because I decided few people had a Master System and more people had a Game Gear. Although I could test the game on a Master System since I have its Everdrive, that would require FINDING IT. And finding it would require cleaning my room. But I'm extremely lazy. So I won't. And besides, the Game Gear needs more homebrew.
  13. It's been three days now where the temperature has been below freezing. I don't think once it got above 30 all weekend. And with .1"-.25" freezing rain coming this afternoon, the power may go out. So if I go missing for a week or so, that's where I am. Tomorrow it's supposed to finally get above freezing. So if the electricity goes out, we'll have no power and it'll be 50 degrees as opposed to 20 degrees. I understand that most of the country right now is below freezing, but it's really rare where I am that it is so cold for so long. It should be in the 40s and raining, not 24 and freezing rain. I have good reason to be paranoid since the 6 day power outage two winters ago. At least we have a fireplace to keep us warm.
  14. Ahead of the half-inch of ice we're supposed to get tomorrow here, I have been working on Pokemon Mini stuff. Why? I don't know. I looked at some other Pokemon Mini titles, most notably Psychic Seeds, and I redesigned my game to look more like that. I am attempting to make a Fast Food Atari 2600-type game for the Pokemon Mini, where the object is to move the mouth around to eat the candy and avoid the pickle. which will decrease your life by 1 if you eat one. The pickle is not in the game yet. It's too bad I don't live up about just 50 miles north where they're going to get mostly snow. I got some grocery shopping done yesterday in case the power goes out. And I hope to play some more Pokemon Mini in case it does go out, along with some Game Boy stuff as well. Also, we just got our fireplace serviced a few days ago. So we're all set. So yeah, it's not looking good weatherwise here. Usually we get saved from the bad weather that happens all across the rest of the country. But I guess not this time.
  15. How did almost a whole week pass between my previous blog update? Anyway, after reading about that kid who beat Tetris, I decided to play it myself. Here's how far I got. Apparently it doesn't take very much to be a Tetris master. I crap out at level 19 because it gets way too fast and I can't control the pieces any more. I don't understand how tapping the underside of the controller is supposed to help ("rolling"). I wonder what the highest speed is. I remember playing Tetris DX and I could seemingly play forever. I once got over 700 lines in it. After 300 or so lines, the background goes black and quits changing. But I'll never know because this version of Tetris goes way too fast. Here I actually got one line cleared on level 19. Whoopee. What I don't understand why it's the tenth palette yet it's only on level 19. Shouldn't it be the eighth palette (white, orange, blue)? You know what would have made this a great game? Battery saving high scores. But if even Super Mario Bros. 3 didn't get one, then, oh well.
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