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  1. You can now buy your own copy of Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland for the Virtual Boy at http://uncletusk.com It is 10 levels of milkshake shooting action. It comes with a box and instruction manual. I'll add a picture once my copy comes. I also changed my avatar. It is Uncle Sam eating corn flakes. I thought it was fitting for this time of year since the Fourth of July is soon. I will change it back once it ends.
  2. Also, if anyone wants to publish the game for me, that'd be nice. PM me.
  3. That and it was the last NES game ever released (well, non-pirate-wise.) You're not missing much. I have a cart only and it's not that great of a game.
  4. If you would like to test Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland, PM me and I will give you the current ROM.
  5. I had finished the game when I was playing through I discovered that it froze every certain place in level 3. I reached out for help in the NES Discord. I found some lovely people who were willing to help. Eventually, I figured out what they were trying to tell me and after a few days of me trying to figure stuff out, I eventually got it back working again just now. I played through the whole game without it freezing, which is no small feat because I think it takes about 20-25 minutes to do. Right now I have it set to have it finish a level when 50 enemies go by. You can shoot at them, bu
  6. The main game is completed. Now I just have to code the ending in and test.
  7. Work begins on level 10, the final level of Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland. I tried to make it reminiscent of (and not ripping off) the castle levels of Super Mario Bros. This is what I made. The picture on the wall is one of a milkshake. I should have made it look better but I couldn't. So anyway, now that I know how, I think I should go back and redesign the earlier levels. But I don't know what I could put besides clouds in the sky though. I need to compose some music for this level which I'll do next. This isn't to say I didn't work on the zyx game. I added jumping and a
  8. Level 9. Almost done. I spent almost all day on this, trying to make things just right. Here is a screenshot of level 9 in action. I need to make a song for this level. I'll do that tomorrow. And then after that, work on the final level and the ending. Then it will be testing time, as well as code fixing time. It was very hot today. So the a/c is trying to run a lot. It got to 94 degrees today.
  9. Quick update: I am back to working on this. I put in the taco code. The tacos will start appearing on level 8. Here's what the taco will look like:
  10. Every once in a while when you design and then program homebrew video games like I do, you think you have a great idea, but when you actually go to program it, it actually isn't great. Such is the case with my Zyx game. I tried this morning to make the graphics a little better, but I doubt I'll be working on this for much longer, because, frankly, it isn't all that a great idea after all. I could add a tomato, but what would it do? I need to make this game really interesting. It needs something. But I can't place what it is. You have the items falling down, you have the catching them
  11. For a little change of pace, I worked on a new Channel F game. This is a zyx. Its favorite activity is eating blueberries falling from the sky. Its least favorite activity is eating cauliflower falling from the sky. Today a zyx is on an island in the Green Sea where reports of blueberries falling from the sky were reported. So this adventurous zyx went to check it out. It was true! But unfortunately so were cauliflowers. There's always a catch. As you can see, I put in a score and a life counter. And collision detection is working, although it doesn't check if you ate a blueberr
  12. So what I was trying to do was make a circle using the least possible amount of tiles. I thought a simple circle would take, oh, about 16 or so. Not so. So I drew a picture of the planet in M$Paint, then entered it into NESst (a NES drawing program). Apparently it took 36 to draw a small Saturn and its rings. This is how the level looks after I cleaned things up: I also composed some music for the level. Next to do is design level 7. I figure a desert level would be really hard and make the food blend in since it's orange, so that's not going to be one of the levels. I have 4 levels
  13. I did a lot of work and got this much better result.
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