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Channel F: the F is for Food.



I got back to working on my Adventures of the Stalk of Celery game for the Channel F. I decided to attempt an idea I just finished for the Game Gear: I decided to try and put Yum! on the Channel F. It's a playable game now, but I'm wondering if I should add something to it.


In this version, the good food are ripe cranberries (one is pictured), and the bad food are unripe ones (which are green.) I am wondering if I'm okay with Mr. Celery's eyes and teeth being light green or if I should change the colors and thus the entire screen's graphics.

In this version since we have no buttons to press, I could either make it so pulling up opens the mouth and pressing down closes it, or moving up opens it and down closes it. I chose the latter. For those unfamiliar with Channel F controllers, yes, you can pull up on the joystick and have it do something (that is, if the programmer makes there something to react to.)

I am in a bit of a pickle, though. I have lost my Multicart. Usually, I would store it in the console because I'd have no reason to take it out since every game is on it, but it's not in there. And I have to stay awake because they're bringing my groceries this morning that I ordered last night thinking that I could stay awake that long since I got up at 6 p.m.


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