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Starting level 3 of the cranberry game.



I started working on level 3 of Quest of the Cranberry a few days ago. But I was looking at my code (which is over 5,500 lines long) and I decided that I might want to move the password entering code to the end instead of the beginning because I will add to it as I make new levels. And I may break something. Apparently the Channel F is as finicky with code as the Odyssey 2. So I managed to move the password code down to the end and make it work in only about 15 minutes. So now I can actually begin more work on level 3.

I changed the passwords a little bit. And I got rid of a bug that allowed the health percentage to end in a number > 9 when putting in a password (It's in hexadecimal), so that's good. I started a little bit of work, like the introduction to it. Did you know the passwords also contain health info? So I guess you could start every level with 99% health if you knew the secret. After all, I am trying to make an adventure game here.

I am wondering whether to make the controls like Super Mario Bros. for the water levels. There will be more than one water level. After all, the Channel F can only display 4 colors! If you've played Super Mario Bros. for the NES, you'll know that you need to keep pressing a button or Mario will sink to the bottom. If I do this in Channel F, it would mean pressing fire, which may be a bit awkward, so I doubt I'll do that.



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