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Brand New Old Xmas Tradition: Cute Girl or Feminine Boy?

Ferris Bueller

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Let's see if we can keep this going, even if I'm doing this a little late. 

I went through that trashpile of another site and found my original post. I'll make this pretty later, but for now a link. @JamesRobot, you here?



Well, as many of you might remember, a couple months ago someone posted an eBays link to the Foto Fraulin's auction of some kid opening a N64 game for Christmas. The title of the auction was "Cute girl or feminine boy?" 

I've taken some time to pick some of the quotes from the thread, that can be found here. (Not to be confused with the thread on the hot girl holding items for sale, let's be clear on this and make sure to provide a link to that thread as well... for science.)


Originally posted by: TheOne

I'm super creeped out right now



Originally posted by: pcp711

Selling vintage 1800's portraits is one thing. This is super creepy.



Originally posted by: USFLegend

This is just weird honestly. I felt like a creep just looking at the auction.



Originally posted by: Fogcityroller

...this one is just creepy. Who buys other peoples' family photos? ugh

I'm sensing a recurring theme! Well, as quickly as it got posted here, it was gone. There was some speculation that it had to be someone on here. I quote the Commander...


Originally posted by: Commander Santa

Who was the maniac that bought this photo for $2.98?

To answer that question... It was me!  But why, oh why, would I buy such a thing?!?! To put it simply, because that shit is hilarious! Look at it! It's funny. Just buying it wouldn't be enough though, so I went that extra step that's really needed when you want to show off a piece that's as magnificient as this.

I had it framed. 

Oh, and yeah, that's a plaque at the bottom with "Cute Girl / or / Feminine Boy?" written on it. In cursive. Looks super fancy pants. It was said at the time that whoever bought it would reveal it via an avatar switch. Well played, buyatari2. As to kill two birds with one stone, I'm not only making it my avatar, I also managed to nail the Santa Hat Avatar switch simultaneously. So bonus combo points there. Bam!

But wait, there's more!

I could've stopped there, but I like to take things too far. So, this precious beauty will only be with me for a short time before it gets sent off to my NA Secret Santa giftee for 2013. Yes, you read that correctly. One of you lucky bastards will proudly get to display the one of one, extremely rare, "Cute Girl or Feminine Boy?" Polaroid in your very own gaming sanctuary!

"Ferris, you're so generous. It's like the gift that keeps on giving." You're right, imaginary friend. Because that's not all! There are some rules that will go along with receiving this monument of awesomeness.

The Rules

1. You must hang the picture in your home, preferably with/near your collection.

2. You must ship it off the next year in NA's VGS' Secret Santa.

3. You must take a picture and post it on the interwebs for all to behold. I had a third rule, but forgot what it was. Oh well! I'll leave a blank in case I remember later.

There you have it. All the paperwork that came with the photo is attached to the back of the frame. I will also be including a Secret Santa sign up sheet so that once you receive it, you can add your name to the list of proud owners before you get to ship it off to some other poor soul.

Discuss amongst yourselves.    


The original pics, right after framing.

spacer.png   LGuboFC.jpg


I tried to rescue the pictures, but could only find two. I think Beau said his collection was in tubs his year, but I call bullshit. I told him to take a picture of it on one of his tubs. 


0.   Ferris                       NA Secret Santa      Dallas, TX                  2013   



1.   Soera                        NA Secret Santa       Oklahoma City, OK    2013    

No picture available.


2.   TiptopJames        NA Secret Santa       Tulsa, OK                       2014    

No picture available.


3.   @Fleck586                  NA Secret Santa      Kansas City, MO        2015     

spacer.png    spacer.png


4.    @1337bcc1991            NA Secret Santa      ???, ???                        2016    

QZjfUQw.jpg   VhNCbj9.jpg


5.    @SoleGoose               NA Secret Santa       ???, ???                         2017   

No picture available.


6.   @JamesRobot              NA Secret Santa       Denver, CO                   2018    



7.    @Richardhead       VGS Secret Santa       ???, CO?                         2019   



8.    Murray                    VGS Secret Santa       ???, ???                         2020 


9.    Foochie776           VGS Secret Santa       ???, ???                         2021   


10.    JamesRobot                          VGS Secret Santa       Denver, CO                         2022   



11.    twiztor                          VGS Secret Santa       ???, ???                         2023   



12.    ???                          VGS Secret Santa       ???, ???                         2024   

No picture available... yet.



Past VGS Sign-Ups

2022 Participants


2021 Participants


2020 Participants


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Events Team · Posted

I no longer have it!  I had a few inquiries during the year on NA and VGS.  I was at the post office the other day and the package is already on its way.  I meant to get after you, Ferris, to let you know that the tradition will continue but was just busy with the season.  Thank you @Ferris Bueller for initiating this time honored tradition.

This is the last known photograph of the photograph of Cute Girl or Feminine Boy.


There is quite a bit of history to this tradition and I am very honored to have been the final NintendoAge recipient and to have curated the gift that keeps on giving during 2019.  I'm also very proud to reboot it for 2020 on VGS and hope the next recipient will enjoy it as much as I have.

For those interested and for the sake of prosperity, there have been six recipients to date of Cute Girl or Feminine Boy since its inaugural gifting in 2013 on NintendoAge.  Who will be the recipient this year to keep tradition alive?

NintendoAge Recipients

1. Soera

2. TiptopJames

3. @Fleck586

4. @1337bcc1991

5. @SoleGoose

6. @JamesRobot

VideoGameSage Recipients

7. @Richardhead

8. ???

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Not sure how to feel about having this be my biggest contribution to VGS, so far.

Updated the original post. Looks like we lost some pics along the changeover. We'll see if the guys who transitioned over can update us on where they were when they had the picture. Original eBay auction no longer links up. Sad.

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7 hours ago, Fleck586 said:

I had a really hard time giving that thing up. Lol! I had the perfect spot on my wall for it and its still empty. I know @Johnnyboy113 wanted it real bad too.

Just missed it on the 4th go around too lol. I feel like if I had it the person in the picture would find me and kill me lol

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