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  1. Thank you to my Secret Santa, Mr Justin Orenich!! I needed all 3 of these games and the controller won't stay in the box either. Oh! And the candy lasted maybe 2 minutes. Haha! Thanks again!
  2. Yay! No steelbook means I only have to buy the standard edition
  3. So... Heads up. My post office was unable to print postage yesterday and today. They said they were having a network error and could only take applied postage packages and letters. I'm going to give it another try on Monday.
  4. This is what I kept. Not much, but I put some good stuff back in. How has there been no Switch games yet!?! Added! Train should leave the Fleck station tomorrow!
  5. The train arrived this evening! Im going to go through it tomorrow and take somw pics. Gonna try to have it back on the rails by Thursday. Woot!
  6. Ah! Yes. I knew I had seen those joy cons before. So they just repackaged it with new DLC
  7. There was another Fornite console bundle early on, too. Wasn't there?
  8. LOL! Dammit. Now I have 3 copies of Mario Party...
  9. I just replied! Stoked! I am following this thread. I don't know why it hasn't been notifying me.
  10. I did but got an email on Friday letting me know I got a refund. Sad. I thought thatvwas a cool idea for packaging but theres too many limited companies now. Super Rare has the best methodology IMO.
  11. I keep pretty good track of Kickstarter and don't remember seeing that. NISA is always good. They box their games up extremely well and ship fast.
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