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  1. Me too, actually. A 35th Anniversary compilation cart would be cool
  2. They do. I'm drowning in miles and I buy two tickets a day. The stones on the other islands seem to yield more iron nuggets
  3. I can only find a Japanese release. Is it coming to NA?
  4. Yeah, he's a good one early. Keep trying. You will get into it faster than you think. Truthfully, this was my first Pokemon game ever and I loved it. It plays right into my completionist nature. I don't know why I didn't play one sooner. The Switch has done that to me a lot, actually. First Pokemon game and loved it. First Fire Emblem game and loved it. First Xenoblade game and loved it. Now first Animal Crossing game and I'm hooked on it, too. Such an amazing console.
  5. The ones that appear outside the grass will kick your ass at first. Only grab the ones in the grass until you beat a couple of gyms
  6. You absolutely can get through the game by just grabbing what you see and leveling up through fights and the main story. I would suggest doing max raids in the beginning for candies to help level up faster. Later in the game they appear much less frequently and are much harder. Take advantage early. My 7 year old son just did those battles and somehow caught a tyranitar that he leveled up with just the candy and then just destroyed everything in his path through the main game with that one pokemon basically.
  7. No problem. I will wait for the next run or just get a different one later. Thanks for looking!
  8. Mine is SW-0767-8372-5796 I sent all of you a request, btw. Happy Switching!
  9. I actually never played 1, but I loved 2. This will give me the opportunity to play 1 without having to go back to the Wii. Now, if Nintendo could just remaster Skyward Sword...
  10. Heck yeah! Pm me and we can figure out a time for the trade? Thanks!!
  11. I'm enjoying it too! Have the Museum, Nooks Cranny, my first bridge, two new neighbors and should have a third tomorrow for a total of 5 inhabitants besides me, and I'm paying off my third house expansion now. I have a little hidden beach too! I haven't caught anything exotic yet. Several Red Snappers, but nothing crazy. I have yet to catch that damn tarantula either. Having a lot of fun. I started with pears, and have sonce added apples and coconuts. This is my first AC game ever. Don't know why I never tried one before but glad I got this one.
  12. Anyone here playing Pokemon Shield? Ive got 4 or 5 left to finish my pokedex and looking for a link trade. All I have left are a few Shield exclusives, but not Zamazenta. I just need Sableye, Drampa, and Goomy or someone in that lineage that I can breed and/or evolve. Anyone?
  13. I would take an AC one if they have it. I was going to upgrade my Day 1 model but kept missing out.
  14. Oops! @ICrappedMyPants Sorry. Had to do it
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