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  1. The train left the station over the weekend. Here's what I got away with before it chugged out of Kansas City toward AZ...
  2. I'd like the brew crew badge as I beta tested Spook O Tron, and here is my wall of NES with 100+ homebrews. I think I also have 10 chiptunes in there, too, but I need to verify.
  3. Honestly, with this Pikmin announcement, I have zero reason to turn on my Wii U ever again.
  4. Which version of Battle Princess Madelyn did you play? Theres two actually.
  5. Looks like the box arrived at my place toda! I will go through and have it out by the end of the week. I'll post pics of what I take when I get a chance to open it. I'm out of town until Wednesday night so it will probably get opened and sent back out on Thursday or Friday.
  6. So excited for that one! Being able to dream and check out other islands will be super cool
  7. Yeah. I know I was after Skinnygrinny. I don't know where The Count came from. Its no big deal to me either way, though.
  8. I have not gotten it. I don't think Im next yet am I?
  9. Hey! That means I'm next. Yay!!
  10. Those are decent ones. Stitches is probably most sought after of the three
  11. Honestly, the only ones worth anything are the cards for specific high demand villagers like Marshal, Bob, Ankha, Lucky, etc. The actual amiibos don't really do anything since they are all NPCs and you can't invite them to the campsite.
  12. I will definitely be buying that one
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