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  1. Hey, I didn’t get a pm from you. I’ll send you one now
  2. Been trying for a while to get ahold of you dude. I got some of the stuff you still need. PM me
  3. @Rudybegga I have some cib games that you need.
  4. I hear ya. If this guy decides to try and file a chargeback with his credit card. he’s gonna find a few people have a lot of evidence against him and winning on chargeback cases shouldn’t be a problem with all the evidence. We will backtrack it to his other account and any other seller that fell victim to this jerk off. I’m sure with the amount of money between everyone he scammed. It’s gonna come out to more than just a few thousand.
  5. This guy could barely write a full sentence in proper English. He’s dumb as shit if im going to be perfectly honest. I believe he did use his real name and address. I’ll find out soon one way or another.
  6. Figured I’d quote you since I have another update anyway for this. With the research I did on this person finding the old account finding YouTube videos and combined with another seller who was being scammed at the same time both of our negative feedbacks were removed and this guy was removed from Ebay. Of course, since he came back once already as far as I know, God only knows how many times he’s had different accounts to do this to people, i’m sure he’ll be at it again at some point. If this person tries to file chargebacks with his credit card company, that’s when I’ll have several Law enforcement agencies right on him.
  7. Yep all about money. eBay said I have nothing to worry about but they have the case open still just to see if they will refund him or not , refund coming from them as they said. I told them that they shouldn’t refund him and should investigate this further because it’s happening to other sellers. I’d love to know what you guys think on this… If they clear my account and refund him from their end should I just leave it alone or do you think I should take this further with law enforcement? If eBay goes against me somehow, after telling me 5 times they guarantee my account is fine and no payment will be owed by me, I definitely will pursue this with law enforcement 100%
  8. Another update! This keeps getting better guys lol. Look at the feedback I got from this jackass. The best is the follow up from him. Please everyone google what he said and you’ll see for each article that pops up on google it shows missing johnnyboy113 lol . He even sent me a screenshot of the google search which you can see here as well. I hope eBay gets rid of this guy permanently. How can someone who commits internet fraud multiple times still be allowed on eBay ? He should be in jail.
  9. Just to update my last post, this guy had a different user name that is unregistered and has some shit feedback on there too as a scammer. Here’s a link to a YouTube video I found that was posted in July 2023 about this buyer and pretty much the same exact thing he’s trying with me now .
  10. Hey guys, had to post this here just in case any of you deal with this buyer on Ebay baggagetime126912 I sold this guy my time walk stadium events. I ship this out this past Monday and today after no communication whatsoever from this buyer, I received a call from my local postal shop that a package was returned with my name on it and they recognize that it was from the same person that I shipped this package to at their postal place. of course, thanks to some of you guys on here, I took a video of the gentleman that helped me pack this item originally on Monday opening the return box and this Ebay scammer decided he was going to try and send me back a stud finder tool but pretty much the cheapest one you could possibly find. I reported this to Ebay and have been on the phone with them for the last. God knows how many hours today. Apparently Ebay is telling me that I will not be penalized and that the hold on my account will be lifted, but they will refund the buyer from their end and personally, I don’t think that’s good enough so I told them I would send the video if they needed it. They should not have to refund this guy because he has the item. Of course, like a jackass scammer that this guy is he left me a negative feedback. What’s funny about the feedback which I will have removed is that he states that I sold him a reproduction of stadiums that’s worth $30 and then states that I sent him the wrong item lol. While I was on the phone with Ebay, another seller messaged me and told me hey I saw your feedback. This guy bought an item for me for $2000 and is trying to pull the same return scam as he’s trying with you so please report him if you haven’t yet. Ebay certainly got a kick out of hearing that the buyer has an address in Boca Raton Florida. I won’t post his name publicly even though I, but if there’s another place to do that, I would definitely provide the information that way no one has any dealings with this jackass.
  11. Got an offer on eBay I might take but wanted to see if anyone here wants this. Rather sell to someone here too. So today might be the last day for this
  12. Lmao, I actually posted that knowing you’d see it and comment haha
  13. Pull out the change from your couches and make an offer!
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