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  1. Anyone know what happened to dragonwarrior83? Use to talk to him all the time through text but haven’t heard from him since November
  2. I absolutely love seeing things like this . Could you imagine if things like that could talk , man the stories you’d hear.
  3. Hey guys, going through a bit of a clean up here and I’ve had these boxes for awhile now. Figured I’d see if anyone here was interested before I got rid of them . I’ll give it a few days before that .
  4. That’s a good point and one I meant to say as well. I’d say translations of a hack belong in a reproduction section but, translations of a homebrew approved by the creator of that homebrew should be in the homebrew section . More then likely though (From what I’ve seen) a homebrew game is never put up for sale until it’s 100% ready and on rare occasion patched after that.
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