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  1. Mikey. coolest weapon, best attitude, and the biggest pizza lover.
  2. As long as it doesn't have to be the Super Mario Bros movie! @Mario_Friend1982i'm sorry for disparaging your posting habits. I harbor no ill will towards you. I assume if your Video Game Masters extends to the Switch, then the fighters from ARMS would make your list. In that vein, i would suggest taking another look at Teleroboxer, as it is kind of a link between Punch-Out! and ARMS.
  3. in the wild: worked at a place where people could trade in video games for cash/credit. a guy brought in a bunch of Gamecube games, including Zelda Collector's Edition. for some reason we couldn't accept it, so the worker helping him handed it back to him. He said he didn't want it and just left it there. after the customer left, the worker gave it to me since he knew i was a Zelda fan. i didn't even have a gamecube at the time, but i think it sparked me to rebuy one. Not NA/VGS, but another forum: Bought a complete set of Nintendo Fun Club News / Nintendo Power Flash from a guy in Ge
  4. OP has made up his own personal list of "Video Game Masters". He chooses which characters/games to include. It seems pretty arbitrary, focusing firstly on 1st party Nintendo Titles, then any other major characters (Bomberman, etc.). So only those characters and games "count". Every few months, he will create a thread similar to this one: a giant list of characters or games. He will pretty much dismiss anybody else's input because they're not part of his "Video Game Masters". He (to my knowledge) has never explained what that means or what he's doing with this information. He doesn't foster any
  5. Look man, if you want to play pretend and come up with your own ideas for your own little world, go right ahead. But didn't they create a club or blog or something for you to post this stuff in? you aren't creating this to have a conversation, you're just making a list for the purpose of making a list.
  6. you definitely need Teleroboxer on that Virtual Boy cart. But really, why not just include all 14 US games? and the 2-3 Japanese exclusives? and Street Fighter: Hyper Fighting? and how are you not including Goldeneye on your n64 cart?
  7. hmm, hard to say. my favorite system is the NES and my favorite series is Zelda, but i haven't really loved any Zelda NES that i've seen. i almost feel like an n64 with some sort of wrestling game collage would be ideal. i spent so many damn hours on WCW/NWO Revenge, WWF No Mercy, and the others that it would probably win. But there's always Goldeneye too. a Bond console could be amazing.
  8. the most i've spent on a single game is like $250. i can't really imagine that there's a game that i want so badly that i'd break that anytime soon. My original goal was to get all the games i wanted as a kid and complete my favorite series (i.e. i had Mega Man 3 and 6, so i needed 1, 2, 4, & 5). Sure, i'll never own a legit Samson, but i've accomplished what i set out for and SO MUCH MORE. a hard price cap doesn't really work though. if you have always had a $100 limit, what you can get now vs. 10 years ago vs. 20 years ago are astoundingly different. the market changes, your life
  9. the RE4 chainsaw controller was my first thought. never saw those others but they look awesome
  10. the first LoZ is my favorite game of all time. i spent an ungodly amount of hours playing that game. Zelda 2 is different. a LOT different. it's still fun, but i was never as obsessive over it as i was the OG. the map feels humongous but also less interested. while it has its share of cryptic clues, it never feels as overwhelmingly open. it is brutally difficult at the end, but at least you're not locked in a room with a dozen blue knights. i would give it a 6.5, but i rounded down to 6. i will admit that i'm biased.
  11. i love this movie. the writing and acting aren't any great shakes, but the action is great for the time. i don't even think it's "so bad, it's good" (although that describes the Street Fighter movie pretty well), i just think it's a solid action flick. Seeing the MK characters on screen was great, and even the cheesiness of CGI Reptile didn't distract from the rest of it. 8/10.
  12. i think overall it's looked at pretty fairly. It's a bright spot in the small Wii-U library, plus it's a Mario game. both of those points lead to overrating. Add in that many people are playing it for the first time due to the Switch rerelease, and i can definitely see where you're coming from. But i haven't seen anybody put it near the top of a "best of Mario" list or "top Switch games" list. It is a fun 4-player run-of-the-mill 3d Mario. It doesn't come close to the innovation of Galaxy, or explore the concept of an open world like Odyssey. i think when the current hype dwindles, it wil
  13. sorry, i should have clarified. they are not offering them for free. they are selling them for 14,99€
  14. are there any Switch game cases that hold two games? Strictly Limited Games is releasing Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron is Back. to anybody that ordered the original game through them, they are offering a new game card and insert, but no case. personally, i'd like to keep both game cards in the same case, but does anybody make a regular sized double game case? For those curious, it looks as though this will be printed with the European game code, not North American, but they do ship worldwide.
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