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  1. 1979 has surprised me in that it has even made it this far. should've gone out in the early rounds IMO. edit: i just looked, and it had no business beating Weezer (rd1) OR Ozzy (rd2).
  2. this is my take. i have a few NES songs on my MP3 player, but it's extremely rare that i ever listen to them.
  3. you know, for how much this board is against repros and stuff like that, i'm kind of surprised to see half the responses suggesting that he pirate the games illegally, where the OP was looking at legally purchasing digital copies.
  4. this is a man who's never played Monopoly with a group of people.
  5. i've got 14/14 NA Virtual Boy games (loose) plus a CIB Hyper Fighting i've got 31/31 NA Sega 32x games (loose) plus a Darxide repro but mainly i focus on first party, non-sports, non-party Nintendo games. not the most glamorous set, but i enjoy having all the Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Star Fox, F-Zero, etc. games. Donkey Kong, Kirby, and Yoshi still in progress, but i'm in no hurry. Undecided on Wario. i also get sidetracked a lot.
  6. "offer to play a board game instead" LOL. because that's the same thing. i can only imagine my reaction if my parents had tried that.
  7. grew up poor. somehow got an NES in '87 (i think? i was 5). we had a handful of games, not many, but Legend of Zelda was one of them. That started my love of video games. As a kid, we acquired SMB 1,2,3, Zelda 2, Double Dragon, Tecmo Super Bowl, Mega Man 6, and a few trash titles. But we rented games. Oh man, did we rent games. Contra/Super C, Kirby, Mega Man 2-3-4 (nobody around us had 1 or 5). So i knew that there were a ton more games out there. (side note: i REALLY wish i would have had Metroid and Bomberman growing up. all time great games that would have potentially pushed Zelda out of my #1 spot!) Like @the_wizard_666, my collecting began in earnest once i started working. My first task was to pick up the games i rented as a kid and to finish out series (like Mega Man). and it branched from there. after skipping the SNES (broke and unwilling to sell my NES games for a new system), i grabbed an n64 day one (still arguably my prize possession). Once i moved into my own apartment, i was grabbing more and more games from pawn shops and eBay. i had no idea there were other people that collected NES, as all of my friends only cared about PS2. It was probably 5-6 years ago, after joining NA, that i really realized there was a group of people who were into these same things. i got exposed to more titles, which led to more collecting, which led to going further down the rabbit hole. i am super happy to have the collection i have, and a major point of pride whenever i look at my shelves full of games.
  8. Much like @TDIRunneri was JUST too old for the Pokemon craze, but went in on it anyway. had a lot of fun with the cards and picked up Blue as soon as i could. Loved it. (sidenote: i was in high school, but for gym class i acted as a teacher's assistant for the elementary kids. They all thought it was AWESOME that this BIG KID liked Pokemon too. Like everyday they'd ask me about this or how to do that. very fond memories!) Picked up Gold day 1, and it was fine, but it was years before i checked out any more. Tried to get back in with X/Y, but it just didn't hook me. Tried again with Let's Go, Pikachu and liked it a lot, but that's likely only because it was familiar. Looking forward to giving the series another shot with the Legends game. But i'm equally cautious that i won't like it. We shall see. Raticate better be in it.
  9. 1. first arcade co-op? playing TMNT at the skating rink when i was a kid. Usually it would be me and my younger brother, with whichever other random kids we could get to play along. X-Men showed up the next year or something, and a highlight for me was playing 6 people. ON ONE ARCADE CAB! OMG it was magical. 2. first PC co-op? high school, we had a new kid named Ryan. he lived right across the street from the school. It was at his house that i first played Donkey Kong Country and Nights. But, to answer the question, he had 2 PCs and knew how to hook them up via LAN. He kicked my ass on Warcraft 2 all night. to link it back to co-op, he set up a campaign with 6 or 8 enemy camps (whatever the max was) and we both steamrolled the AI, and THEN he kicked my ass to win. 3. first console co-op? can't be certain, but my brother and i played a metric ton of Battletoads back in the day. we never made it far, mostly due to attacking each other. we made it to the turbo tunnel a couple of times, but usually the descent down the Wookie Hole would eliminate us. that's sort of co-op i guess. 4. last co-op? i picked up Bubble Bobble 4 Friends on the Switch because my wife loves the BB games. That's probably the latest. 5. biggest co-op group? probably have to be the aforementioned X-Men arcade. i mean, i played Super Mario 35, but that hardly counts as co-op. i remember having a group of friends over back in the n64 days and playing one of the wrestling games, with the big 40 person battle royal or whatever. There were 6 of us, and each time you got eliminated, you had to pass the controller to one of the non-players. that was intense. again, not really co-op, but man was it fun. 6. disliking to liking? nothing really springs to mind. there's plenty of games that are better with friends, but i can't think of one that i didn't like but played and enjoyed.
  10. NES, SNES, N64 i think the n64 popularity will be short-term. outside of a couple long-standing franchises starting here (Smash Bros., Mario Party), there's not much. i LOVE the n64, but agree with @DefaultGenthat there's no collecting longevity in the the games, and with @a3quit4sthat the PS will in the future (as it was in the past) be viewed as more forward progressing. the SNES will grow in popularity as it will be viewed more and more "timeless" as opposed to the n64 "aging poorly". NES is king. i AM interested in how Sega's notoriety lives on 50 or whatever years from now.
  11. Jefferson Airplane is a pioneer of the psychedelic rock genre. The combination of Jorma's guitar work and songwriting, coupled with Grace Slick's vocal abilities makes them one of my favorites ever. this seems to echo what others have said, but the Jefferson Airplane stuff is the highlight of their output. The loss of Jorma and subsequent change to Jefferson Starship was still solid, but noticeably worse (i prefer Hot Tuna to Jefferson Starship). The full-on change to Starship got them a couple big hits, but i don't have any affinity for. Some of the spinoffs are ok, but it's crazy how many times this band splintered and reformed in various versions. I gave them a 9. I never get sick of JA. I have 4-5 of their albums on vinyl and listen regularly.
  12. this is my experience too. last year's covid lockdowns gave me the chance i'd been waiting my entire adult life for: no responsibilities but tons of game time. i wouldn't trade it for the world
  13. @AirVillaini love the low rent door stopper. the rest of the setup is nice, too.
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