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  1. i don't play my n64 very much anymore, for a variety of reasons, but for me, it's one of the best ever. I rated it a 9. As others have said, game quality wise, the system has a definite drop after the top tier. But that top tier is amazing. For a kid like me to go from NES to n64 (my family skipped the SNES generation because I "already had a Nintendo"), it was mind-blowing. Seeing Mario and Link run around in 3D environments was already awe inspiring, but for each of those games to be absolutely essential was next level. And the (local) multiplayer will never, ever be topped. Between Gol
  2. Mario Kart Wii for me. MK64 has the best Battle Mode but it'stough to go back to it nowadays. MK8 is the prettiest and has the best music, but the tweaks to the items drops it in my ranking. my go to racers, depending on the version i'm playing, goes Link, Waluigi, Luigi.
  3. re-reading this thread and the early Pizza Hut talk saddens me. three years ago, we had three Pizza Huts in town. Now, we have one. Both of the stores that closed offered Wings, Taco Pizza (not my thing but whatev), a buffet, and all of the specialty stuff that comes and goes. The only one left only sells the most basic offerings.
  4. true, in fact i haven't seen anything that even remotely confirms that they're working on a physical release. in that case, i've got plenty of other games to play.
  5. is there a running list of these non-game physical releases? i don't really follow digital games so curious if there's anything that piques my interest and would look good on the shelf
  6. i've watched this three times since yesterday morning. it is so great. also that finale section is freaking fantastic.
  7. anxiously awaiting a physical Switch announcement for this game....
  8. do you not see the irony and/or hypocrisy of refusing to "explain the situation" yet calling out someone for not knowing "the full picture"?
  9. Shantae GBC was always scheduled for first quarter of 2021.
  10. the only movie that ever bummed me out and fucked with my head, for days after watching, was A Scanner Darkly.
  11. i noticed the Video Groundhog Sage this morning. Props to whoever did that!
  12. don't mention that you opened the games. i don't know if it's still the case, but eBay used to frown on that part.
  13. a cool system. a buddy has one, i've played it on occasion. not mind blowing (especially with 2021 perspective) but innovative for its time and some surprisingly fun games.
  14. is Princess Peach the Sephiroth of the Mario series? she appears almost everywhere Mario does.
  15. now that the 32x set charm is a thing.....
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