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  1. basically any franchise that started after the PS2 era. Assassin's Creed in particular
  2. this is my all time favorite commercial. i don't even really know why, i just thought it was neat and catchy as hell. runner up: and my favorite video game commercial is Super Smash Bros for the n64. not gonna link it, since it's been posted a bunch recently.
  3. wow, i'm not huge into anime but i absolutely adore Cowboy Bebop. I've never heard of the Mish-Mash Blues episode so i will be checking that out ASAP. thanks everybody for the suggestions so far, i've read so many shows that i forgot existed or never heard of. I've got lots of new things to check out! @fox, you've got killer taste. i love almost all of those shows (the animation on ReBoot is just too much bad CGI for me). Justice League/JLU ranks among my favorite animated series.
  4. holy shit, i haven't heard of most of these so i clearly have some viewing time in front of me. mucho gracias! also shout out to @Shmup and @Aguy. Early Adult Swim is awesome. Sealab 2021 (next year BTW) is easily in my top 3 cartoons of all time.
  5. ok, i finally pulled the trigger and bought an external hard drive specifically to house all of my cartoons, so that i can watch any of them on demand on my TV. So. I'm looking for suggestions for great but underrated cartoon series. My personal primary years of interest are mid 80s-mid 90s, but i want to have everything that's great. I started with all the classic 80s stuff (G.I. Joe, Transformers, Thundercats, He-Man, etc.) and then focused on the 90s superhero stuff (Batman, X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman, Tick) so that's my background. But i'm extremely interested in anything you liked as a kid / still like / guilty pleasures / enjoy watching with your kid(s) / and anything else you think is worth watching. Any one-offs / made-for-tv specials / straight to vhs or dvd releases are more than welcome as well, because that's probably my biggest blind spot. Some examples of lesser-known cartoons that i have but want to experience: Dino-Riders (1988) Captain N: the Game Master (1989) Toxic Crusaders (1991)
  6. voted 7. liked this movie quite a bit. easily my favorite non-Batman Christopher Nolan film, although i am really intrigued by the teaser trailer for Tenet that i saw. never really understood the "you just don't get it" argument for this film. people seemed to think the plot was ridiculously complicated, but i thought the movie presented and explained its world quite well.
  7. tried playing it a few months back. the controls and espicially the camera were horrid and ruined the game for me. was utterly frustrated and quit after a bit more than an hour
  8. i miss when you could look under the cap and get a free pop.
  9. i haven't decided how to vote yet. not gonna lie, i was heavily into ICP for a number of years. Starting about 1996 (i was 13) until about 2002ish, they and their stable of artists was pretty much all i would listen to. Everything after 2004 is super cringe and i can't understand how anybody could get into their music starting new. The Great Milenko, released in 1997, is probably their most heralded release. It definitely spoke to me when i was 15. Just for kicks, i put it on after reading this thread the other day and many of the lyrics are still in my head. It's not going to win you over if you already have an opinion or advanced musical tastes, but it is still a fun listen. As @NESfiend alluded to, ICP made a career out of giving a voice to kids who felt like they were outcasts or didn't belong. They really created a group for these "misfits" to fit into. I'm not sure exactly when the shift happened, but it slowly turned into the Juggalo Culture that is super weird and the total shitshow it is today. One of the things that really sucked me in was that it was more than just a band releasing albums. ICP puts out a brand new song for free every year on Halloween. They started doing this in 1994 and still do it to this day! They appeared in WCW, WWF, and ECW, and even started their own wrestling promotion! They had their own comic book (each issue came with a new cd single!) They made their own movie! They'd make cryptic statements so you'd analyze what they were implying. All of it added up to truly engross those who were invested. They were two guys who painted themselves to look like clowns and rapped. But they built an underground empire. edit: i voted 8. maybe typing this post out just brought up nostalgia. i dunno.
  10. 10/10. one of my absolute all time favorites. Also the first blu-ray i bought after buying a player. fun story: at a previous job, i was flipping through the tv channels on my lunch break and came upon this gem. of course, i stopped to watch it. A male coworker comes in and says "oh man, Big Trouble in Little China! i love this movie!" a female coworker comes in. "what IS this?" both of us, in unison: "Big Trouble in Little China" another male coworker enters. "all right, Big Trouble in Little China!" another female coworker arrives. "what are you watching?" all 4 of us: "Big Trouble in Little China!" such a stupid memory but just so mundane and ridiculous it makes me laugh.
  11. maybe they were implying that you'll graduate to more difficult games as your skill level increases
  12. is this train still rolling? no updates since i sent out 6/18. USPS shows it delivered but nobody has said anything since....
  13. Just had my VB repaired and it came back better than ever! quick turnaround, good communication. Nes Freak's service is legit! thanks a million!!
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