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  1. played this one for the first time last year (2 years ago? i don't remember exactly). I had just played through 1-3&K, so the storyline and mechanics were fresh in my mind. I thought the time travel gimmick was a really cool idea and was interested in the extra exploration it opened up. But in practice, it didn't really seem to make much of a difference. I started out making a point to achieve the "good future" for every stage, but abandoned that about halfway through when i lost interest. Once i stopped, the game lost all interest and felt very easy and straightforward. overall, i liked the game, but the time gimmick didn't live up to its potential, so it just ended up feeling unnecessary. 3&K felt bigger and better. 2 is IMO the perfect balance for the series. 1 is fine. i scored this a 6.
  2. so, usually hearing about other peoples' dreams is a chore. There's rarely a coherent plotline, and it's filled with a lot of bad descriptions, like "it was my house, but it wasn't MY house, you know?" But i had a dream last night that i think intersects with our shared interest. Feel free to share your own as well. So, in this dream, specific bundles of Wii consoles came with cardboard/paper sleeves. Like the artwork for Wii games, but about an inch shorter. They were still made to more or less be used as the artwork that games already come with. They were more blue, so definitely not just the standard artwork inserts. Anyway, these console bundles came with a thick stack of them- say 30-40ish, all sealed like a brick. The games these correlated with were varied- lots of stuff like Wii Play and Wii Music, but also other first party titles like New Super Mario Bros. So, the pack-in game (an original game) let you unlock these games to play on your Wii. But here's the catch- once you unlocked these games, you also "unlocked" the disc. Sort of like a print-on-demand service, you got an actual disc of the game. Which explains why you also got the artwork with the console. So there was this entire subset of collectors trying to get an unopened stack of these artwork bundles, but also an argument over whether it was more "pure" to keep the artwork itself unopened, or to have the full set of games, with the artwork and put into reused Wii cases. it was a dumb dream, but i thought it might resonate with some of us.
  3. i really loved the n64 when it came out and was OBSESSED with NP's coverage of the system. I expect that i will eventually end up with 1-150 as well for that very reason. I currently only have 1-90 or so (plus the Fun Club newsletters and the Nintendo Power Flash Canadian newsletters).
  4. it's been years since i played this, but i was on a mission to unlock and defeat Donkey Kong. pretty sure i never was able to beat him. fun game, and yeah i agree that the general game is easier than the NES version, but the higher end difficulty stuff can be pretty brutal.
  5. last time i was paying attention, the going rate for #1 in decent shape (with the poster) was about $100 US. But that's been a few years so has probably gone up. most of the other early issues were quite a bit less expensive. With a little looking, $20 would secure you most of them. i think #2 still held a premium, but significantly less than #1. Obviously VERY beneficial to grab lots when buying the early mags.
  6. if this gets a physical release i will probably scoop it up. looks like a frustratingly difficult good time.
  7. same here. i think the literary description lines up pretty well with the numbers in general. i start with the numerical and adjust based on secription if need be. like @ZeldaFreaki also think in terms of .5s and it does help with the rounding.
  8. ah! another Iowan! feel free to hit me up if you roll through Dubuque. welcome. your collection and setup are incredible. nice work!!
  9. Super Princess Peach (Nintendo DS) i'd heard surprisingly little about this Mario spinoff title, but it caught my attention for being the only game to star Ms. Toadstool (until the upcoming Switch game releases). i enjoyed this game, but it's pretty shallow as far as platforming games go. interesting if underutilized emotion mechanics. level design that wasn't as intuitive as i expected (you have to "rescue" all 3 Toads in each stage, but it's generally unclear if a warp pipe/door is the actual path forward or a side path to find said Toad. i had to do a decent amount of backtracking). difficulty is nonexistent (akin to the mainline Kirby games). post-game opens up new stages. haven't given them a play, but i'm vaguely interested. i mainly played this during my downtime at work, knocking out 1 world per day. a decent time killer, but significantly less addicting than the Mario vs DK series.
  10. wow, there's a lot of high scores being posted here. i watched it when it was fairly new, so ~20 years ago (!?!) but i found it quite boring. won't give it a rating since i don't remember anything about it really. Maybe i was just in the wrong mindset? I definitely remember being very disappointed and bored.
  11. 100% boneless. definitely not trying to put in more work than i have to. i am having a hard time imagining a soup that has meat with bones in it. sounds awful.
  12. my record player is made by Crosley. i picked it up at Target ~10 years ago because it had the look of a vintage radio, and i really liked the aesthetic. it puts out surprisingly good sound for its price point, so i've been exceedingly happy with it. has gotten tons of use over the years. my record collection sits right about the 500 mark. the top tier stuff resides on the record player shelf. this can be either high dollar stuff or just personal favorites. i constructed the shelf a number of years ago. i found plans online and built it out of a single sheet (8'x4') of plywood. that shelf is solid and obviously is doing its job of supporting all that weight. my sweet spot for vinyl records is classic rock, so that is the huge bulk of my collection. anything from the 60s to the 80s is fair game, although i think a few 90s releases have snuck in. i never buy nee records, only pick up used- i'm less concerned about crystal clear sound (i always have digital for that!) than i am an aythentic experience. obviously condition matters too, but i'm not overly picky. a point of pride is that i inherited all of my mom's records, and all those from both of her siblings. it helps that they all have a good taste in music, but it just adds that sentimental value. i recently picked up a part time job at the local record store specifically to fill in some of the gaps inbetween. i pick up a new record each week. it has been awesome so far.
  13. what kind/era of music do you generally listen to? vinyl has seen an enormous resurgence in the last ~10 years and i would struggle to identify any genre that is sufficiently lacking in availability. @TDIRunner cool pic with all of the cds. i only have a single drawer of them (mostly my collection of stuff i bought in my teenage years that i can't part with yet). Also, is that a box of 45s on the bottom shelf? i like the look of that box.
  14. i have about 500 records, almost exclusively '70s and '80s classic rock. will post pics sooner or later. my father in law, a big music fan, would constantly try to knock my preference of digital music. He swore, time and time again, that vinyl records produced a "warmer" sound, and that if you looked at the wavelengths, vinyl records would output a broader range. to that effect, he shared an article he found online that PROVED his point. The article started out saying how nostalgic that vinyl records were for the writer, and that he preferred them and wanted to find evidence to back up his opinions. i read the whole thing. it was well-researched and well-written. The writer's final conclusion is that digital music put out a FAR wider range of wavelengths and depths than anything that could be produced by scratching a needle over a slab of vinyl. so much so that there's a huge chunk that can't even be registered by the human ear. obviously my FIL didn't read the entire thing.
  15. good writeup, and very similar to my experience a few years ago. I knew that the castle flipped at one point. Played through the game, ended up looking up what i needed to do to get the "true ending" or whatever. And i fully agree. Once you invert the castle, it's pretty straightforward and you can just blitz basically everything. i had this realization a bit sooner. I was playing the game with my wife (she's not really a gamer but this game hooked her) so progress was exceedingly slow. One weekend, she was out of town, and i booted the game up. Beat the majority of the whole thing. She was pissed (rightfully so), so i started a new save file to get us back to where we had been. With all the puzzles and secrets fresh in my mind, i breezed to that point. it's not a hard game whatsoever. even without doing all the upgrades (i basically never buy weapons/armor from shops and just wait for equipment to drop).
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