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  1. That is pretty tempting. I can see it going for much more this holiday season and beyond.
  2. I seem to recall @Tengen on NA posting some back when with the Tengen script on the front like the box.
  3. That's sad news indeed. I can't understand what you're going through, but you're in my thoughts. Reach out here if you wish and we'll all pull together for you.
  4. "Bury Me Not (The Dying Cowboy)" - David Huckfelt
  5. I casually collect. I have a few in queue at PSA in fact. I'll show them off here when they come back.
  6. It was wonderful for it's era, but obviously cannot hold up now. That being said, there's no way to grade it based upon this scale. A breakthrough home system and the best of it's time, but unplayable now.
  7. I really wanted to rate it higher than a 6, but the majority of exclusives aren't too spectacular. Stubbs the Zombie and Halo are outliers. The original controller is a bastard, but then I do appreciate the save capabilities of the system itself.
  8. It counts for the U.S. set, so ya gotta snag one for completion. I could grab a PAL Stadium Events, but it's irrelevant.
  9. I hate to gatekeep, but it diminishes the hobby and achievements of like-minded collectors to purport fake items as authentic. I don't personally know anyone who would water down the satisfaction of a legitimate possession, but as I don't travel in those circles, I'm not particularly surprised that there are scumbags out there who would be so unscrupulous. Promoting or embracing fakes severely harms collecting and consumerism at every level. At least significantly alter a grail such as the April Fool's Day Stadium Events.
  10. Hey, guys, I found the nerds!
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