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  1. Great game, but also ubiquitous, Gran Turismo 3.
  2. When I lived in VA Beach, I used to like spicy Church's Chicken. Anybody else?
  3. Rafael Palmeiro told me that Adderall will increase my Mean Bean Machine scores.
  4. If Altuve leads off then he's wearing one. Then a warning to both benches and then if the game gets out of hand, one will find Springer or Bregman "on accident".
  5. Anybody have a line on how many Astros are getting plunked tonight?
  6. Florida Man Ruins MLB 2020 Season.
  7. Nah, guys, the train came and went through here weeks ago.
  8. They're just SO saturated that I lost interest years ago.
  9. That's nice to see there are other honest sellers these days. I hope you sent him additional funds.
  10. There are a few guys here who collect strat guides seriously. I used to get them for games that I was particularly interested in. I recall using Metal Gear Solid 2, Pokemon Yellow, and OOT especially back then. I believe @acidjaguar had a nice list going.
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