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  1. This sounds great, but I thought it was NBA Jam related.
  2. Costco sells 27 gallon black and yellow totes with lids for less than $10. That being said, moving is a pain so I would just live the rest of your days in MY and then die and commit your body to the Earth.
  3. As stated, I'm looking to buy an NES WWF King of the Ring manual and poster as well as a Sega Genesis Genghis Khan manual. Willing to pay $15 shipped for any of them. PM me if you have them lying around. Thanks!
  4. I see you're already inundated with recommendations, but I'll suggest Kim from Renegade.
  5. Most recently the last set completion for me was N64. I think it was Doom 64.
  6. Yeah, I'm still active as well, going for a full set. I pick them up when I find them, but I've only been finding sports lately.
  7. 2/10. I liked them when I was a kid, but pretty terrible now. Most of their songs sound alike and overplayed on the radio like no other.
  8. 8/10. Pretty excellent as a kid. Like many comedies though it doesn't quite hold up after almost 30 years. I will say though that Jim Carrey is underrated as an actor.
  9. Aw, man, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I think the Fanatics $10 coupon may be expired.
  10. Aidyn Chronicles is a perfect Mother's Day gift!
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