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  1. Wow, that looks cool. Funnily enough, here's not supposed to be invisible. It just so happens that his white bits blend into the white background. Yours looks cooler though.
  2. 28 Don't have time this week. I'll be out of town for the rest of it.
  3. > Take vial > Talk to conductor
  4. > Go out > Go west > Examine sign > Examine train > Examine vial
  5. You haven't done a Zelda one yet this year, so here are a couple interesting ones. Gibdo Like Like Pols Voice Digdogger Fokka Wosu Thunderbird
  6. > Go northeast (back to pumpkin town) > Go west > Go east (back to pumpkin town, hopefully) > Go east > Go west (back to pumpkin town, hopefully) > Go southeast > Go northwest (back to pumpkin town, hopefully) > Go south (essentially visit all the places we haven't been to off of pumpkin town)
  7. For Zelda 1, the first print cart (with the tm next to the NES) most of the date codes are in late May or early June. However the game wasn't released in the US till August 22.
  8. That is entirely possible. I know next to nothing about how these printing processes work, so I could always be wrong about that. The main thing that seemed weird is I have yet to find any LA boxes with a date code between (9)40418 and 961209 which seems like a pretty long stretch compared to the denser packed date codes after 961209. But, that doesn't mean there aren't more out there that I'm missing or they made enough during the last run. Another thought I had is maybe the date codes could indicate when they start a "run" of production, where the run could last a couple of days or weeks even.
  9. Specifically for the NES console? I'm not sure as I don't know a whole lot about it's revisions either. For games, bootgod (http://bootgod.dyndns.org:7777/home.php) is the best resource. I've looked through it enough that I can decode most IC date codes.
  10. Also, if anyone's curious there's the date codes I have for the two major box revisions. I don't keep the best track of LA boxes, so I'm probably missing plenty. -0: 30607, 40418 -1: 961209, 970130, 970502, 970619, 970714, 970730, 971002, 980728, 980819
  11. Yeah, what Default said. They print the boxes ahead of the release date. Also, it's good to note that number doesn't mean the box was printed on that date. That date code, "30607", is very common among the first major revision. I'm not entirely sure when they decide to update the numbers (as sometimes the date code is the only thing that changes), but they don't change enough to suggest that that's the printing date. So, June 7, 1993 could be when the box design was finalized.
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