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  1. Huh, I've never seen one before. But then again, I haven't been paying the closest attention to the GBA releases. I'll definitely keep a look out and will let you know if I find one.
  2. That is true. But even without knowing how the powerups work, the Bs come frequently enough that they are still score the bulk of the points. Knowing how they work just makes it worse.
  3. Yeah, broken is probably a bit hyperbolic. Unbalanced, would be more accurate. The main problem is when playing for score B powerups are way too many points. Therefore it makes it trivial to get enough lives if you know what you're doing.
  4. Yes the levels are built randomly. It's just practicing keeping up with the speed of the scrolling. The key is to make the most use out of the clearing animation which stops the scrolling. I never got this good, but I looked at the speedrun for some inspiration.
  5. Additionally you can try practicing the later levels from the start screen so you die less on them. And don't get discouraged when you can't beat the game from them, because I too needed extra lives.
  6. So when your clear 256 you get a B. When you clear 512 you get a C. When you clear 768 you get a B and so on. So generally you get Bs when you clear 256+512x blocks, and Cs when you clear 512x blocks (where x is an integer). But you can skip over a C appearing if you past the threshold for a C with the B powerup on screen, or you hit the B threshold when the C powerup is in delay mode. Skipping Cs doesn't make the Bs come sooner with respect of the number of blocks cleared. It just makes sure you don't skip over a B when the double C powerup is active for those 25 second. I probably d
  7. So, the powerups are mostly deterministic. There are two ways of triggering powerups. One will get you an E or an S, and the other a B or a C. Once the powerup is triggered, there will be a randomly determined delay of how many pieces before the next bonus is spawned. I think it's possible the the delay will be zero in which case the powerup will be unfortunately skipped. If you already have a powerup on screen or active (in case of S or C) and you trigger another one, it will be skipped. If you have a powerup that is still awaiting the delay and trigger another one, the last one will be overw
  8. The C multiplier starts as the pink is destroyed. So the pink blocks are multiplied x2. And multipliers do stack (so a x2 with a three block combo would be x6).
  9. So, the letter in the cursor just lets you know what powerup is coming up. You don't actually activate the powerup until you clear the pink (or white in case of S and E powerups) blocks. Yes, for the B powerup your best bet is making as long of a pink block as possible.
  10. The C powerup isn't just a x2 multiplier for the pink blocks. It triggers a multiplier for a set amount of time (25 seconds I think). And the B bonus is just 300 per pink block, and then the blocks are scored normally as if they where all standard blocks. If you are curious, no it's not possible to have multiple powerups active at the same time (a new one won't spawn until all powerup effects have worn off. Still the B powerup is worth way more than anything else.
  11. Yeah I can't get to the end when starting on level 9 either. The key is to build up lives in the easy levels.
  12. Well now you are motivating me to keep better track of inserts. If only I had the time to act on it. Luckily, I'm a programmer myself so I could probably get it running on windows (if not I could pull out my dual booted laptop with Linux). I'll try to take a look at it when I get some time.
  13. Wow how did I miss this thread. I'm very jealous of your organization. My Zelda variant data is a mess. I wish I kept better track of population reports and inserts. I scanned through the thread (mostly because I don't know much about Pokemon variants), but through my Zelda variant research I picked up a couple of things that should be relevant. Although I've not spent as much time into researching Gameboy variants as I have say NES variants, so there are still plenty of holes in my knowledge. Let me know if you have other general Gameboy variant questions that I missed. Yep
  14. TL;DR there are two types of pink lines. One is way better than the other as you've discovered. Also Red = Pink.
  15. Oh, apparently that only happens with the other ship. I think you are just getting the "C" powerup which means double points. The default ship has a flashing "x2" indicator.
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