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  1. Lol, it took a lot longer than next weekend, but I did get there eventually. Day 1 (Title music): Pictionary - Title Theme - Tim Follin (Gaia Gensouki), got to love that Tim Follin. Honorable mention: Buck Bumble - Title Screen (fox) I very nearly picked this one. It's so stupid which is what makes it so great Day 2 (Desert area): Uncharted 3 - The Rub' Al Khali (fox), I had to find a new link since it looks like the old one was taken down. Anyway, I love the large symphonic feeling from this track. Day 3 (Nintendo): Shadow of the Ninja - Stage 1 (Sumez), a lovely Natsume song t
  2. I should mention that just because the date code changed doesn't mean that anything else has been changed (like the game version). Conversely, these date codes are not constantly being updated like the date codes found on IC chips. They are more like the NES box date codes where they are only occasionally updated. Taking Wind Waker as an example, redump has 7 listed. 103B2504 DOL-GZLE-0-00 JPN S0, 02/25/2003 103B2505 DOL-GZLE-0-00 JPN S0, 02/25/2003 103B2601 DOL-GZLE-0-00 JPN S0, 02/26/2003 103B2701 DOL-GZLE-0-00 JPN S0, 02/27/2003 A03B2609 DOL-G
  3. The S1 on that SSBM disc is not an error. I found one on ebay. It's the second disc here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/402698809509 For reference here's the matching redump code: C01L1102 DOL-GALE-0-01 USA S1
  4. I just discovered that Nintendo's disc based games have date codes on them, so I figured I share for the two people that care about this stuff. To figure this out, I scraped some GameCube ring codes from http://redump.org/discs/system/gc/region/Am/. My scraper sucks but it pulled 364 codes which is good enough for my purposes. If you turn over any Nintendo disc (GameCube, Wii, or Wii U) there are three relevant codes. I've highlighted them on my Wind Waker disc below. The red code (C03B2606 on my disc) is the code that contains the date code. It is in the format AYYMDDBB.
  5. To be clear as long as the manual has the NES TM it does match with "first print" box and cart. They just updated the manual without changing the box or cart.
  6. Yeah it's weird, but they snuck a very minor manual revision very early on. There was no change to the box or cart that came with it (as there is also a NES tm manual with the Game Pak text). There actually are four variants of the manual with no game code or date code. They are as follows: cassette on page 11 Game Pak on page 11 but "Nintendo® Entertainment System™" on page 2 "Nintendo Entertainment System®" on page 2 but no Precaution under the table of contents on page 2 A Precaution under the table of contents on page 2
  7. Welcome to the forums! Looking at my Zelda variants thread, there are two standard (non-Player's Choice) WW variants. One was made in the USA and the other was made in Japan. A much better way to telling, is by looking for the "Made in" text on the back of the box instead of the disc molding codes. I vaguely remember it being a bit uncommon, so I looked up the first 20 ebay auctions with a picture of the back of the box and 2 of them where Made in Japan (example 1, example 2). So, it is relatively uncommon, but considering how widely this game was produced, it would be far from rare.
  8. I did eventually get bored of Into the Breach, but it took me much longer to get to that point then you did. Your criticisms are mostly fair. Although, I'll say for number 2 the real upgrades are unlocking new mechs. But the reason why I enjoyed it at times more than other Tactics games is the gameplay is more like a puzzle, where you have perfect info and just need to figure out the solution. If I spent long enough, I almost always was able to find a way out, which felt great when I finally did.
  9. They are the same variant. The numbers just count how many I have for a specific variant.
  10. The rules will need to guard against mortgaging and un-mortgaging properties. Otherwise that's a really easy way to lose money when you are about to win.
  11. This took way too long. The coding for Super C's title screen is a mess. SuperCincy.ips
  12. Here's a crap ton of Zelda 1&2 datecodes. The boxes don't have them, so they are mostly carts (most of which were from ebay), as well as a couple manuals. Let me know if you need help deciphering my naming scheme for variants. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o9o5ynly31p19fa/NESZeldaDatecodes.zip?dl=0
  13. NP. I had some fun, since I've never really done a hack before (although I I've done other NES stuff). It's just the title screen and the four portraits that are in Murray's boxart picture. Here's the other two that haven't been posted.
  14. He means the TM or R next to the "Nintendo Entertainment System" text, not the world "Zelda". All the circle seals have a TM next to the "Zelda" as you've seen.
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