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  1. There was a time I had mr bungle in heavy rotation, to the point I absorbed all I could from it I think. I will forever be a huge fan but don’t really listen to the old albums anymore. Looking forward to the new record. But it’s not the same line up so it’s not going to be the same. More like a fantomas vibe. Kinda like where I ended up with nirvana. I heard so much fucking Nirvana I don’t care if I ever hear it again, but it’s still special to me.
  2. Here is episodes 18-19 drawn by guest artist 8- bit guerilla! Thanks again for letting me be a part of this. Looking forward to future guest appearances!
  3. Dude... idk not my bag I guess. Frank Zappa is mind blowing. Meshuggah is mind blowing. Dont think id call these guys mind blowing, tho. I’m glad folks like em don’t get me wrong. And I’m not a rockstar so take it with a grain of salt.
  4. Yep... I sure would be... I like “big brother and the holding co.” That’s a sentence name. But it’s OG, it’s different.
  5. It’s like no one fucking cares anymore... everyone wants something for nothing and demand unwarranted courtesies without even considering extending any courtesies back. Let’s just leave it at that this time.... and I got robbed Friday morning after I went to work. Took the xbone left the power.... took my girls new 2019 macbook pro charger... left the fucking computer.. Fucking thief’s can’t even do their job right anymore. It’s amateur hour out here girls and boys ...watch out. Ps they never found my games which were in my band room.. with an entire bands worth of equipment in it. And fucked up the settings on my wallcade I built with raspi. Fuckers were just chillin in my house!! got my MacBook tho...with all my rom archives(extensive) and music project files.. all the NA HIP HOP project files are gone sorry this rant was about internet dealings to begin with.. thanks for letting me dump on you VGA!
  6. Miller lite... every time. Ps there’s a promo for a free case of miller on leap day right now. I live in Asheville nc which is microbrewery capitol of the world I think. ...If I have one more fucking beer that tastes like IPA because every Tom dick and charlie thinks that no beer is complete without ramming hops up its ass, there’s gunna be a hostage crisis! Remember when it was Sierra Nevada and harpoon ipa and that was it?? That’s when I liked ipa. PSS high hop content causes man boobs... just sayin’..
  7. That’s boom box, and she loves helping me work on arcades! She is a pitbull husky so catching her relaxing is rare. EDIT: Oh, my bad that’s bonzai laying next to the arcade.... and he’s just an idiot.
  8. I’ll tell ya... post office at 8:30 opening? Fantastic! TWO clerks available and no one in line. Why is it when you gotta hit the PO in the middle of the day there’s 10mil people and one clerk, with another clerk peaking around the corner, and ducking back while the aroma of microwaved spaghetti floods the lobby?
  9. There are 4 tony hawks. No repeats in the box definitely shoulda been a rule. Had a crazy work schedule I’ll be shipping tomorrow late morning. Promise!!
  10. Oh I thought you put both in.....if I was to guess, you will have two John elways when it comes back.
  11. I wanna know who put two copies of John elway in the box to get broken, lol
  12. Oh shit. Monday is Presidents’ Day. Guess Tuesday
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