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  1. I believe Ninja Gaiden 3 on PC-10 doesn't actually exist. I was told over 15 years ago that and a few other games(RBI Baseball?) which were supposed to released never made it out. I've never seen one either.
  2. https://www.theverge.com/2021/2/20/22292964/dinosaur-planet-rare-n64-game-leak-star-fox Hopefully one day we will see Conker's Twelve Tales leaked as well!
  3. I knew something is up when you said Sacramento, haha! Anyways I found this a while back. It was in a defuct McDonalds building. Two dungeons deep I had to fight off a vampire with some old Mickey D's meat to get it. The real find is the Mayor McCheese statue!
  4. Two more down! Three manuals left! Also finally nailed down a nice black version of Hollywood Squares. Much harder to find than I expected!
  5. Getting closer! Just a fewwww more manuals! Also El Viento down as a find in the wild today!
  6. You may have an early version of the game that has the "poison ladder glitch" still present. Play until you reach the point marked in my attached picture. In the early poison ladder glitch version the Red Arremer on the right(or left?) incorrectly spawns invisibly on top of the ladder. To "correct" it climb up partially near the top of the ladder, but then head back down and get the hidden armor far below. Then walk back up and the Ogre in the picture will turn into scrambled letters and the Red Arremer on the ladder will be visible now.
  7. Whoa, this topic is giving me flashbacks! It's funny how little this topic has changed even over the last 20 years or so. I can only give my opinion based on my personal experience. Some of my personal ideology for collecting: 1.) Have consistent naming conventions for quick and easy reference as to what you are collecting. It's ok for sets to literally just be for fun. (Variant NES set, Standard CIB NES set, Capcom only NES set, all games that include the word "Taco" CIB set, etc) 2.) Have clear consistent definitions that would equally be able to apply to any game console set.
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