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  1. Enough that people are reaching out to me and asking about it.
  2. I reached out to John to see what he had to say about the runs and numbers. My convention was last weekend and I'm still worn out.
  3. There is a game genie code to let the score roll over so they can keep going and tracking what their points are. This weekend at my show in Waco, TX (ATG Expo) a few of the best players will be there and it sounds like there will be a world record chase on Saturday night. Going to be a fun show.
  4. I haven't had a chance to get into the Aftermarket Archive stuff recently due to having a kid and just overall being swamped with projects I'm trying to get done, but I did have time to contribute to the Video Game Collector's Guide by Tristan Ibarra being published by Wittenhagen. There will be a full list with pictures of Timewalk's CIB releases, minus the two proofs I don't have copies of. If you are in possession of Mario Kart R (artist proof) by Timewalk on the SNES or Sweet Home (Capcom Proof) on the NES, let me know! Link to book: https://www.vgcollectorguide.com/post/about-the-video-game-collector-s-field-guide-1
  5. I feel like I saw a video of this last year attempted at a con? Congrats! Fun stuff.
  6. This is the only copy I've seen with the giant coin. That is all.
  7. More progress on variants. Updated the list. My Gotcha 5 Screw double is no longer available. I still have Silent Service, Base Wars, TMNT II, DK Jr, and Gumshoe doubles if anyone wants to trade and help me finish the set. Eleven known variants left for me to get. Ten if you don't count SE, which is unrealistic, lol.
  8. Same. Went out of town for some fun without the kid for the first time in over a year, missed an LE! This is why I used to reload NA all the time.
  9. Wow, you guys gave him the third degree! If you'd kept up with his (Gotchy!) releases, he has been reaching out to homebrewers and getting permission for the Weak Genius set. Which, yes, makes some of them variants of Aftermarket games for those who are in to that sort of thing. And they've all been very reasonably priced. Fun projects that have been enjoyable to watch develop over the past year or so. Put me down for a two-in-one and thanks to Sivak for letting him put this together.
  10. I'm okay with $7. I just need you to message me on here, my inbox is full and I can't send anymore messages, lol!
  11. Updated my screw variants list of needs. My Simon's Quests (5 Screw) double has been traded. Also, I can confirm that Life Force (5 Screw) exists. I'm only a dozen games away from a "complete" set of known error carts if anyone wants to trade. I have doubles of Silent Service, Base Wars, Gotcha!, TMNT II, DK Jr, and Gumshoe.
  12. Not going to lie, I'm tempted to sign up next year since it's been so long since I've actually seen it.
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