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  1. My guess, if they have multiple listings they just used the wrong picture for this game and mixed it up with another game's back.
  2. I'd need a second expert to confirm, as I was the insurer. A game store owner confirming my report would work.
  3. I ran in to this trying to insure my collection. They wanted an "expert" to verify the prices and I got to say, "What if I'm the expert?"
  4. Wait until we go to war with them and they start hucking boulders at us.
  5. Now that I get what's going on (thanks for saying you'd call on me, guys!), this would be my list. If it was sealed, I'd hit up @Tetris Mattress or @qixmaster. Art, even though I don't know him, I'd contact @Bronty. If it was homebrew, and for some reason I didn't know what it was, I'd call @neodolphino. Weird variants, @Divingninja and @Braveheart69. Somewhere a producer is writing down all your guys' info, lol.
  6. Yep, and it'll be like this for our foreseeable future. Remember when we looked up at the night sky and saw nothing but stars? I don't.
  7. The problem with rare shit is that no one knows about it, lol. If people love Stadium Events, then I don't understand why there isn't more interest in Shadowhawk. Maybe the Solar Wars demo cart? Garage Cart? Bunny's Protos? I mean, even blue Chiller I doubt would gauge much interest. Lol, not enough coffee and a long, long weekend. Totally misunderstood the topic. Also, need to put in my contacts. All around bad idea talking on the internet this early!
  8. We tried to get him out for the 30th Anniversary Celebration, but I think he lives in Europe now and his plane ticket alone was like $1200. But he was game! Nice guy.
  9. First is correct, second is not. I think I even told them I was wearing an orange jumpsuit, so I was pretty easy to spot. I think that's James from Alamo Drafthouse.
  10. Why not just stop me from sending the message(s)? By stopping composition, I have to dick around for a minute before I can even start writing another person.
  11. That's fine, but to not allow me to compose a new message as part of that rule is dumb.
  12. Just read it. Am I crazy, but didn't Jay from Nintendo Quest end up selling the copy of SE he got? Why does that seem like a familiar story, or am I misremembering?
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