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  1. I have a Chiller demo cart and it's not Sharedata. Two different things to me.
  2. I did. Do we know what the binder looked like? Would help narrow the search.
  3. Interesting. I have a lot of doubles. Too many to list. A bunch of Retrozone/RetroUSB titles I purchased when I thought they were underpriced. If you have something I need, let's talk. From my WTB list.NES Blade Buster (Retrozone Campout Cart) Grimalkin Ice HockeyMGC 2011MilesCon 2016 Retro Gathering 2010 Shmup Speed Space Foxes (Ricky Henry) Sweet Home (Timewalk Capcom Proof) Tecmo Super Bowl 2010SNES Dragon Quest V (Retrozone Campout Cart) Dragon Quest VI (Retrozone Campout Cart)Final Fantasy V (Retrozone Campout Cart) Mario Kart R (Timewalk Artist Proof) Game Boy Advance Anguna Blast Arena (Green) Christmas Double Pack Pikilipita Reaxion Thrust Virtual Boy Space Invaders
  4. I do, came with a box. @guitarzombie Pretty sure I'm one of those three. It was mine and then someone else had two copies they found like one after another. Sound right?
  5. Talking about liking/disliking/wowing comments while they are in Activity so I don't have to go into the thread.
  6. If you follow their social media, the camera man from Mother to Earth and my little buddy Rat-a-tat-Pat is the one making the puppet videos. Pretty awesome.
  7. Nice. I'll go $420. EDIT: Oops, he says increments of $50. Amend that bid to $400, if allowed.
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