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  1. I think they got the site working. It went slick as a whistle for me just now.
  2. Yeah, the story was picked up by Ars Technica, Polygon; VGHF posted their article, Riggs posted his video. Internet hammered the site. Being worked on.
  3. Newly discovered NES game, unreleased version of Days of Thunder, has been found by the Video Game History Foundation. Limited number of CIB copies are being sold by gaming community to benefit the coders family. The family of Chris Oberth, while cleaning out their basement earlier this year, came across his lifetime's work stored in banker boxes. He'd backed up everything, including the cancelled version of Days of Thunder game for Mindscape, which is vastly different than the released version. The family worked with the Video Game History Foundation, who pulled the data from all the floppies in the collection and realized they contained the contents for a NES game. Since then, the gaming community has come together to give Oberth's game a proper release, with all proceeds going back to the family. Limited in number, the game is available at ThisRoomisanIllusion. https://thisroomisanillusion.com/product/cole-trickle-project/ A full article on how the game was found then reassembled has been released by the Video Game History Foundation. https://gamehistory.org/days-of-thunder-nes-unreleased/ A video, with an unboxing and gameplay footage, has been put together by John Riggs.
  4. UPCs can be reused. Were the games made by the same company? Sometimes a company goes under and the UPC is sold to a new one, too. @ThePhleo Thanks for doing that. Looks right so far. I thought Arkanoid would be more skewed.
  5. Started it back at MAG this year. Lol, that was a late night.
  6. It's all good. It took the quarantine and not planning this year's Expo to realize how I'd burned myself out over the last five years. Welcome back!
  7. If you had a ticket to this year's show, or are signed up on their mailing list, Dan shared the store earlier this week, I believe. Link. https://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/shop/
  8. Looks like you're missing some and I'm missing some. The red glove is a Punch-Out!! slammer. There is a Zelda black one with a gold triforce on it. I think there may be another KI slammer. There is a set of 4 Virtual Boy pogs.
  9. This is the most accurate representation of how they should be presented. Now, someone needs to come up with real data because as I proved with Goonies II, the old list rarities was also not correct. Use something simple like if you search eBay, how many from each side pop up. I don't care what @Sign Collector Guy says, it's the biggest readily available pool of data out there at any given moment. Look through the results for each game, tally the numbers for both variants, list the results. Goonies II was like 1 in 100 for the 5 Screw. I think Alpha Mission is the same. I put them at a 3 on my scale.
  10. For those who don't like my glibness. 6 – May exist, hasn't been seen. Mythical, e.g. 3 Screw Soccer.5 – Only a few copies exist, e.g. 5 Screw Stadium Events.4 – Very rare, hard to find, e.g. 5 Screw Mega Man or Mike Tyson's Punchout!!3 – Still rare, easier to find, e.g. 5 Screw Goonies II or 3 Screw Donkey Kong.2 – Only a little harder to find, e.g. 5 Screw Athletic World.1 – Middle of the road, you should be able to pick up a copy with a 50/50 chance of getting either one.
  11. First off, fuck Go Collect. That was abysmal. 6 – I have never seen a copy IRL,5 – I have seen 1 or 3 copies in person,4 – These were the harder carts to find. You rarely see these,3 – These can be found, but it will take a little looking,2 – You can find this semi easily, but it might be marked up a few bucks, and1 – Middle of the road, you should be able to pick up a copy with a 50/50 chance of getting either one.
  12. The rarity code wasn't right and needed to be redone. I suggested 1-5 because 1-10 is dumb. 1 being 50/50 chance, 5 being items like 5 Screw SE or 3 Screw DK Jr Math. You get the idea. Prove to me you need more than five categories for rarity here. Wanna fight about it?
  13. Impact Soft is tweeting right now about working with Paul for a release of Haradius Zero in the States.
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