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What happened to videogamesage.com?


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Administrator · Posted

A valid question! One which I've been busy toiling over since... god... since December now. Look, I don't want to get into the negatives too deeply here, so I'll summarize:

Google sucks. 

Now to the GOOD news.

I now have control of the original site domain back, despite Google's best efforts (they were the domain registrar through which I originally purchased the URL). I've successfully transferred it off of Google's Domains platform and onto a different trusted registrar, and am now starting the process of getting the site proper (the one you're staring at now) to have BOTH URLs available, pointing to the same place.

What does this mean for you?

Should be business as usual, more or less, assuming everything moves over smoothly. There may be some minor downtime, hopefully max a few seconds, but transparently there could be like a day where the site is "down" since domains do take time to propagate, which is techno mumbo jumbo for "to work everywhere". That should hopefully be worst case scenario, I don't envision there being any downtime at all, as there's no real rush here - I'm going to take my time and make sure things are done right. Also of course, it's Easter weekend, so this may not take place until next week.

At any rate, you will soon be able to either go back to using videogamesage.com, or continue using the current videogamesages.com. Both will be valid once I've got it sorted with the fine folks at InvisionCommunity, the software upon which the forum runs.

I'll update here as things move forward, and will definitely post before any action is taken which might cause downtime, but in general yeah... We back, babyyyyy. Just give it a little more time, and we'll be in good shape! 

Thank you to everyone for the patience and support during the past few months.

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Wow, so google was actively against you retaining control of the domain?  It seems so weird that this was such a cluster fuck.  I would think all this stuff with domains would be automated at this point.

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Administrator · Posted

Turns out most of America doesn't have today off like we do in Canada (suckerrrrrsssss!). So the software folks are available and will be working on this TODAY!

Please be patient as I am sending them approval to start moving over in just a few minutes here. If you're unable to access the site at the current URL, try the old one (without the "s"), and if neither work, then please bear with us. It shouldn't cause too much downtime, and I'll make an update on the Twitters as well as needed.

Might be a couple hours, might be a couple minutes.

See you all on the other side!

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