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  1. While not the ultimate winner of my "Favorite Console of All-Time" and certainly not a "perfect" system by any means, it represents such a cornerstone of my life and passion for games that I can't (and don't want to) imagine a world without it. The fact that I still regularly play the NES some 32 years after being first introduced to it really says something about what an amazing little entertainment machine it is. 10/10
  2. Never played them and its honestly not my style of game anyway. I tried to play a bit of Stardew Valley when that was all the rage...and there were some moments of fun there...but the whole "town sim" genre just doesn't do a lot for me. Give me a machine gun and an alien invasion to fend off or something.
  3. The other day, my wife asked me if I knew how to use a hoe. I told her that I had plenty of experience handling hoes and that, in that time, I've come to appreciate the many varied qualities and applications of proper treatment of them.
  4. See...here's the problem... Sony decided to call their series of home consoles by a consistent label and simply number them generationally. Honestly, that's great. It's nice and simple. Logical. Sequential. Easy to remember. Unfortunately, it also means that when you use the full name "Playstation", now you are forced to clarify "which one"? There are 5 of them, afterall. So, for the sequel consoles, that's easy. You can just tack a number onto the end. Instant clarity. But the original console didn't have a number. You can't still just say "Playstation" or "PS" because you stil
  5. Yeah, I gotta say...it's not like there's much competition but the MK movie is probably still the best video-game-put-to-film out there.
  6. It's a movie based on a video game. If you go into it expecting anything serious, you're fooling yourself. I have my fair nostalgia for the film. I saw it in theaters. I had the (killer) album. I enjoyed it for the shlocky, fan-service-y romp that it is. Yeah, the acting is mostly pretty groan-worthy, the special effects are (and always were) rather cheap and laughable and it's very much a product of the 90's...but it manages to be one of those films that is kind of enjoyable for exactly those reasons. You can tell that the film doesn't take itself all too seriously and is willing to have
  7. Turbografx, man! It's a console so amazingly hip, powerful and blazingly-fast that there's not even enough time to spell "graphics" correctly.
  8. I skipped all the replies to avoid spoilers. I will probably make the time to see it this weekend. For context, I'm a big fan of the original Showa, Heisei and Millennium series films but I haven't really cared for much of anything that's been done with Godzilla since Final Wars, except Shin Godzilla, which was pretty good for what it was. I'm not really expecting to be blown away by this movie but if it has a few fun set-piece battles, I'll be happy.
  9. The trouble is that there is very often a socio-intellectual atmosphere about religion that wants to say, "Don't question. If you want to find the truth, you must believe." In contrast, the socio-intellectual atmosphere of most scientific study is "Don't settle for belief. If you want to find the truth, you must question everything." This is a generalization, of course.
  10. So...here's the thing... One must keep in mind that I did not have my own Playstation in the 90's. The only real glimpses I got of playing on the system was a demo unit that I regularly visited at my local Sears and a friend's console on the infrequent occasion when I'd visit him at home. So, most of my experience with MGS was reading about it in gaming mags and (fortunately) getting to play about 30 minutes of the opening at my friend's the weekend that he rented it. I was always well-aware of all the praise it received then and since and I was forced to merely look on in envy.
  11. In anticipation for the upcoming film adaptation, I'm revisiting Dune for the first time since high school. What a stellar book. I do hope the film does it proper justice.
  12. It's been over 20 years since I've seen it. It was certainly bizarre but I honestly remember liking more than a few scenes in it. I can't imagine that it's aged terribly well, not that it was any kind of masterpiece to begin with. I gotta say, though, Bob Hoskins was incredibly talented and charming no matter what he was in. Rest in peace, Mr. Hoskins.
  13. In addition to video game stuff, I'm also an enthusiast of movies, comic books and board games. None of my collections are particularly noteworthy in either size or content but I just keep around the stuff that means something to me and that I get repeated enjoyment from.
  14. I know I shouldn't be admitting to it but...yeah, it's my b-day today as well. I knew it was 'cause I could feel it walking up the stairs this morning.
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