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  1. Then you don't have a proper Android experience. The Amazon tablets are a fork of Android that they've customized heavily. The Shield device also has a modded version of Android.
  2. This looks nice! I've pledged for it! Best of luck!
  3. I have had Pixel phones for some time now and I'm getting the Pixel 6 (XL or Pro, whatever they call the large model) because the experience is nothing like what you're describing. The Pixel phones are like the iPhone of Google and their cameras are fantastic.
  4. I prefer Android. The flexibility of the software lets me make the phone my own with customization, etc.
  5. Yep, that's very true. From what I've read, 99.5% of the admissions and COVID-related deaths are specifically in unvaccinated people. It is very unfortunate to know that there are people dying in other countries because they can't get any of the vaccines as they are not available. Here we have surplus of vaccines and people are dying because they CHOSE not to get vaccinated. As you say, @Tanooki, they made the choice and now they suffer the consequences of that choice.
  6. I had never seen that game. Interesting premise.
  7. Depends. It is something that can be handled with a short text, that's what I choose. Otherwise, I call.
  8. This is the cart and card/manual. Asking $250.
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