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  1. So bummed I missed out on Transistor Collectors edition. I had it in cart and payment was ready and after clicking the final button, it said sold out. :( Arghh..it's the only Switch collectors I am currently missing. Thought it was my chance, but guess not.
  2. If you are into metalcore (this one is more nu metal side). Probably my most favorite music video I've ever seen. Just so cool. Many anime and game references.
  3. Yeah, PayPal is completely not used anymore for me when selling. Everything is done through eBay for me now including depositing money straight to my bank account. So far, I do prefer this as I just don't want to deal with Paypal anymore whenever I have to refund or cancel an order due to a buyer having a change of mind, I eat the fees. Let's see how it is with eBay in the coming year.
  4. After Gamer's Club ended, I kinda step back, but I am still getting whatever I can especially those with a low print. When I had GC though, I was doing so well since it helped saving a ton of money.
  5. Yeah, I haven't ordered from them anymore because of this. So many times I'd get "new" games in preowned condition with a sticker over the edge. Just a ridiculous practice.
  6. Pretty much I only sell my doubles whenever I obtain them or stuff I do not really want in my collection anymore. Like I come across so much doubles and that helps fund my ability to add on to my collection. Collector before money for me for anything as what I sell usually funds for the next games and so forth (for my case going for a full Switch set so having extra funds is crucial lol). Like I have a game that is selling for $2,000 right now for some reason when I only paid around $200 for it, but still won't sell it as it is apart of my collection and do not want to ever let it go since it
  7. ...and done AVGN Deluxe 100% on normal. That was so much fun! Now to do it on hard mode. Edit: Well they said this was going to be a physical so I'll just keep it here until then haha.
  8. Switch for me. Just no contest with its portability. Better graphics don't matter at all to me.
  9. Well after 8 days it went through and cleared today. eChecks surely are a such a pain to wait as you don't know if it will clear or not.
  10. Apparently at least from my situation now, they do. When you go to ship the item out, everything is normal and you can even purchase a label. The only difference though is they do add a box at the top stating the payment has not been made and to not ship the item out yet, which is what I showed the buyer.
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone. Yeah, I'm just here waiting still to clear. No way will I ship it for such a high amount. After I told the buyer and showed a picture of eBay saying not to ship the item until payment is cleared he has stopped responding for good. I have a bad feeling it might have been an attempted scam. It's still pending so guess I'll just wait until it clear or doesn't clear. So he said that he has no credit card or Paypal and only a bank account, so that would be the reason an eCheck would be made according to eBay articles I was reading.
  12. Working on AVGN 1 and 2 Deluxe. Beaten 1 and now on 2. Damn, this is so awesome.
  13. Finding something you've been looking for years so hard and then bam it just pops up one day making it the right place right time. I get so freaking excited I tell you!
  14. So looks like someone paid with an eCheck. I think this is the first time I've got one in over 300+ sales. It's been 3 days and still hasn't clear so was wondering how long does it usually take to clear so I can ship the item. The buyer is new and told me to ship it and I'll get the payment, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt on not knowing.
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