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  1. Pass for me. Was waiting for $10 or max $15, but $30 was too much for the current content. At least I won't have to go crazy after the N64 controller for now lol.
  2. Just a heads up if you missed on preordering Metroid Dread Special. Was able to order one on the Best Buy app. On the website, no luck at all just says please wait forever. So, try it in the app.
  3. It's just hard to keep up sometimes with there being a release almost weekly.
  4. Yep. So far I've gotten every single release from LRG for the Switch. I only missed out on two which was Transistor Collectors and somehow I missed on ordering the Star Wars Jedi double pack, even though I did get all the other Jedis. Had to pay more than double for those on eBay. Drives me nuts that LRG has to do so many releases though they really are milking us dry.
  5. For some reason, I always knew that one would start to get expensive than MSRP one day as back even still for print, it was already limited on eBay. I got two copies from Toys 'R Us clearance and just put them on the shelf thinking of selling one of them, but never did. So, now have two sealed copies. Guess can use one for trade for something I'm missing now. Btw, for a game to get now, I'd get Dreamworks Spirit. Have a feeling that one is gonna be hard to find later too.
  6. Thought it would be worth a share. At last, a very minty Gold Pokemon NFR came to surface and I nabbed it. The Pokemon Game Boy/Color NFR set is complete! 7 years long. Now for 2 more for the Gameboy Advance which are now heavy hitters as of this year, so got some saving up to do lol.
  7. I saw it earlier for $2k so guess it sold at $2k. I think it's well worth as I even told myself if I had $2k to spare I'd get it.
  8. Just reached over 600 Switch games today! I probably have around 700 though if you include other regions, which I am not really tracking just getting what I like. Once I organize the collection I'll post pics. It's been a wild ride so far. Today's pickup was Sonic Colors so I'll be happy to pop that in over the weekend.
  9. Whoops too late. My vote would have been Cranberries - Zombie so it would have been a tie again.
  10. As Sapphire is one of the rarest GBA NFRS right now, you now even have a current one of a kind variant of it. Congrats and thanks for sharing! There are truly many out there. Like this year I've found another new DS back sticker only not for resale with a unique code and few years back I was able to get Pokemon Dash not for resale just out of nowhere that was never known to exist and seems like I'm the only person with it. There are definitely more out there that have yet to be discovered and probably in someone's hands right now and have no idea. It's a really enjoyable category to search and collect for.
  11. Anyone going to PAX can get us some of those River City Girls variant. Gosh wish I could go but its unbelievably far.
  12. Just a few seconds in for me and can't continue. Not for me at all.
  13. Yeah, it's mostly from what I found, it being a Switch exclusive and since it is out of print, it's been starting to climb in price. If it wasn't Switch exclusive, it would probably not hold interest since it really isn't anything special. Tomorrow is preorders for Mary Skelter Finale Collectors. https://www.iffysonlinestore.com/mary-skelter-finale-LE/ Another one that looks like it will climb in price is Diablo III.
  14. Welcome back to the fun. Yep, that's why I do what I can so that I don't have to sell my collection for any reason. It's even getting harder to find some modern stuff now for good deals. Hope the best to your progression of your collection!
  15. V6 manual! It must be a manual when it comes to Lotus. Here is my spec. Only difference not pictured is the black pack which I'll have added later. I was late on the deposit so I won't be able to get a first edition. It's fine.
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