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  1. That's good to know! Wow that's crazy that happened to you, but great it ended up working out for a corrupt buyer. Good too as I do end up selling much more internationally than in the states. This was my first expensive package that got lost after 16 years on eBay (only had a $40 get lost a few years ago) so it was news to me eBay actually cares. Heard so much where eBay will always side with the buyer lol.
  2. Didn't know where to post this, but this might be the right place. An eBay rant turned into absolute relief. A package got lost, more likely stolen at the eBay international hub. For a few weeks it was stress for me and my buyer (who is absolutely awesome throughout all this) With eBay's policies, I had to refund the buyer $378 for a very rare video game, but by some miracle, eBay actually contacted me themselves and said I do not have to refund that they will admit fault and refund the buyer and it won't affect my account. No, it was shipped with the eBay Standard that has only up to $100 claim and not the new hub one with full protection. So just to shine this thread with some good news for once. .. but man they have hired thieves up there lol.
  3. Definitely with collector and limited editions. Was on a good roll getting every single collectors edition for 4 years for the Switch, and then space became an issue. All they end up going is into climate storage due to running out of space just sealed in their box. Did not make any sense. So, I just stopped going after everything and only will get stuff I like now and focus just full-setting standard Switch games.
  4. Let's bump this. I know there have been Pokemon Leaf Greens on eBay, but looking for one with a back sticker as well.
  5. With the addition of Mortal Kombat II, thought I would share my so far completed collections in NFR collecting. Next goals will be N64 and Game Boy Advance since I am missing one game for each. Has been enjoyable going after these for 10 years now! Time flies. SNES 3DS
  6. Welcome to the group! Great to start out with for sure. It definitely is better to start now than later as it seems prices keep going up, which means there are so many collectors out there now. The restored fakes usually will have a darker black color shell than the original. You will also see sticker residue on the outer edges since it is nearly impossible to transplant the label without leaving a trail of it. Good luck on the hunt. eBay is the best bet for sure going after these, or this forum too there are some loyal collectors you can get in contact with.
  7. Cried the night I heard that. Just too sudden. RIP Akira. His art truly touched millions of hearts including mine.
  8. After nearly 10 years, the SNES Not For Resale Set is complete with the recent addition of Mortal Kombat II!
  9. Rather have the games than the money. One certain game collectable, I turned down a $10k offer as I still would keep it than sell. So, no I don't. I collected from the beginning for the enjoyment rather than profit.
  10. Been a while so I'll post some of my favorite pickups this year. Had a lot of Switch stuff I don't have access right now but will in the future. Diddy Kong Racing was just used for comparison. The biggest box display I have ever seen and own now.
  11. Gave Sleep Token a chance after Will from Lorna mentioned them being his favorite band and now I am hooked.
  12. I've had this happen to me twice before with zero feedback buyers, paid full skipping best offer and both were international. It ended up being a good transaction. One did leave feedback (Japan buyer). I remember being so nervous that they would say it wasn't delivered as I believe one of them had no final tracking confirmation. So it can be a good outcome or bad outcome. Definitely go with your gut though if you feel something is off with this, then by all means make up some excuse and cancel. If you go through it, document everything, signature confirmation etc.
  13. Lol that reminds me in the Facebook Switch group where people say "rate my collection" and it's the 20 or 30 games all being 1st party commons. It's pretty common, but meh can't say anything bad just like the post and move on. The most notorious right now is Super Mario 3D All Stars being a "rare" pick-up.
  14. Been a while. Recently got some heavy hitters. Slowly getting to completion.
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