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  1. I'd actually say Sonic Adventure 2 is more popular and fondly remembered than this game. It made less of an immediate splash since it was less novel by that point and the Dreamcast was dead in the water but the Gamecube release made it a foundational game for a whole new generation, people were excited about Sonic on a Nintendo console, it introduced series mainstay Shadow the Hedgehog (also Rouge), and people loved to meme up the dialogue while nobody really seems to care about Sonic Adventure 1's story. This should not be taken to imply that Sonic Adventure 2 is necessarily a particularly go
  2. what about tokka, slash, and venus de milo
  3. The opinions of Philadelphians might have some some relevance to what counts as an authentic Philly Cheesesteak but I don't see why what they might say about submarine sandwiches would matter even the slightest bit.
  4. By the time I started watching Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers was already popular, so the franchise didn't have that big of an effect on me. Except for this movie. Had it on VHS, probably watched it a triple digit number of times, know exactly what most of the characters are about to say before they say it. It's one of my favorites movies and while nostalgia aside I don't think it's one of the greatest of all time or anything, I do think it's at least "actually good" regardless. Can definitely see why the post-90s film installments went with CGI turtles but I prefer the costumes a
  5. Oh. Guess that explains why I could Nazi what he he was talking about. Sorry hammerfestus!
  6. I take it you too are committed to making this thread more confusing by not explaining what you're talking about in sufficient detail.
  7. Nah, I've been occupied with Survivor and other stuff. No further progress made! I just got voted out though so that might change soon.
  8. never seen it but I generally just assume people love it because "it's so bad." couldn't possibly be worse than the actor who said that line though, and not in a fun way either: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0899092/bio
  9. I and a lot of other people beat Primal Rage.
  10. I went to Gettysburg on a school trip and saw the battlefield, yeah. Don't remember seeing the map though.
  11. I can easily buy that different norms around marriage may lead to the dynamics around cheating being a bit different in other cultures. That makes perfect sense. ...But it's still cheating. Want to see other people without breaking up the marriage? Then maybe you should actually talk to your spouse about it and try to work something out. You know, assuming you actually give a damn what they think about all this? Oh wait. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4078242/Sulking-husband-went-20-YEARS-without-speaking-wife.html seems talking to your wife isn't universal, whoop
  12. Yeah, I recall it being okay at best. You probably weren't even to the worst part yet either; later on there are two mandatory minigames that require you to mash A as fast as possible.
  13. It clarified what Mario and Luigi's last name is and for that we should be forever grateful.
  14. 8/10 Does MGS1 usually have better voices than TTS? Maybe. I only played through MGS1 once and haven't compared them back to back. Even if that is the case though, I'd be real hesitant to say its voice acting is better overall. MGS1 Mei Ling is just that bad.
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