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X vs. O - the classic rivalry (part 4)



So I found some bugs with that last version. I took an attempt to try to fix them. It took about 20 minutes of playing to find one, and another one popped up after only a few minutes. I noticed both the bugs had something in common (I think), it was placing an X when I should have been placing an O. Or at least I think so. My brain turns to mush and I stop thinking rationally when I work on stuff for too long.

I took yet another look at the code and discovered that when the X was placed, it wasn't adding a turn to the turn counter. So I luckilly had enough room to direct it to the code where it does so after it checks for a win. This is aggravating me and I want it to stop.

I also took a stab last night to make a title screen that says "CEDAR GAMES." I remembered that I could use the grid. I tried to use three sprites but that took up too much room. This is what I came up with. I know it looks dorky, but I kind of like it. This was my best attempt drawing with the grid.


I couldn't draw an M with the grid and also fit an S in there as well. So I put an M character there instead. I don't know, I really hate the letters M and W. They are such a hassle when I'm trying to create fonts. Or I guess this time it was Odyssey 2 grid drawing limitations. My favorite letter is Q.


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