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Left left



Or rather, the way to move it left. So I worked all yesterday and part of today on the game. I had it working fine, but the display crapped out on a real Odyssey 2, plus I couldn't move left. So today was spent restoring left movement, which is tough when you don't know why. I also got rid of the tree. Someone pointed out that the tree should be getting larger as it nears. Since I couldn't, I just decided to get rid of it. I have some more room for more stuff now.

Once left movement was restored, my next job was to make the white numbers not appear on the left side of the screen after a little bit. Again, I have no idea why this happened, So I did that. And I'm left with what I have now: An O going across the screen and an X shooting at it on the ground. The missiles I put in (sprites 0 and 1) are temporary unless they're good enough here.

I also went to the store to get some medicine. I got a Snickers bar. I don't remember the last time I ate one, but it was good. Except the caramel. I really hate caramel because it sticks to your teeth and it's sticky. And it doesn't taste very good. Hm. Oh well. They should make a caramel-less Snickers.


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