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1 On 1 Soccer



So I finished my Game Gear game about the burgers. Big surprise no one cares enough to want to publish it. So now I'm on to my next game. I've decided to make a better Soccer Odyssey 2 game. I did 1 on 1 Basketball before. So I worked and worked and worked some more. And I'll probably work more on this unless the game craps out on me and decides to break (which it has done a few times on just this ROM. I had to erase what I had and restart from the past save point a lot.)

I have way too much free time on my hands, so I like to spend it on little projects so I don't get bored. I get bored really easily if I'm not working on something. I don't like to watch TV very much now except for the news. Apparently the world forgot "those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it."

Everything works okay for now. I began this project then abandoned it so when I come back to it, I found a lot of spaghetti code. Which was needed because when I tried to change it, 9 times out of 10 it broke something in the game. But now I have it stable. It works on a real Odyssey 2, I just tested it a few minutes ago.

So what's next is to add the goals. I think adding some walls would do nicely as well. I could check to see if the ball hits the walls. And for the players I could put in a little extra code restricting movement to inside the field only. Something like this:


And then the score can go on the bottom, perhaps a timer as well. Or I could make it the first to 10 goals wins the game. Or would that be too Pong-like?

I have 2 spare sprites I can use for something else. Perhaps I'll use them and put in a white-colored net for each goal. But I don't know what happens when one soccer team scores a goal. It's not very likely I'll work on this tomorrow (it's 7:19 p.m. here) since I'm burned out on this already.


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