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Paku Paku for the Odyssey²



I think I'm responsible for half the Odyssey² homebrew library, if not more. Yet I'm starting work on a new Odyssey² game. This time it's a port of the game Paku Paku. I wondered if the Odyssey² could handle it, so I'm trying to do it.


I just started on this yesterday. So there's tons more left to do.

It was like that with the Intellivision, some one else did Pac-Line for the Intellivision. And I was sad. But shocked nobody tried to do Pac-Line for the Odyssey² yet. So I'm doing it. Or at least trying to. It's been rough going so far. I had a horrendous time trying to start it since it wasn't agreening with what I wanted to do. But then everything fell into place for some reason and it worked. Weird stuff that happened included only eating dots when Pac-man moved left, only eating dots when Pac-man moved right, Pac-man only eating certain dots. But it isn't doing it any more. Another hard thing to do was putting in the score. Odyssey² programming is kind of like a blind person trying to finish a jigsaw puzzle. The computer tells you if you did something right or wrong. Argh.


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