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X vs. O - the classic rivalry (part 3)



Well, it took a LOT longer than I anticipated but I finally got win detection in. I had to sacrifice the words "CEDAR GAMES" during the intro, though, so now it just looks like this:


X is green and O is blue. If X wins, the grid turns green, and if O wins the grid turns blue. The grid turns red if there's a tie.


I had to spend all my waking hours Sunday on this stupid thing without getting it done. So I had to go to sleep at some point. So I did. I woke up today and began work anew and I think I finally got things straightened out. If you have an Odyssey 2 emulator, play it on this and let me know if I did something wrong. Also, take a screencap of your weirdness.

Programming the win detection was really hard. I had to try a couple of things for it to work decently.

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