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More X vs. O fun for you



So I had to go back and fix a bug in the zap game. I think I finally got it fixed. While I was at it, I put in some code to go to banks 0 and 1, which I hope will have something in both of them. I got an idea for one of the two banks. It is going to be Whac-a-mole. I know, there is already a whac-a-mole game, but you need to go to a website to play it. I want this one to work on a real Odyssey 2. It will feature two grids and will use the controllers (instead of the keyboard) to play. I made a mock-up of the boards. After trying to go with slashes and failing with it, I decided to go with squares:


Input for bopping is the same as the tic-tac-toe game: up for the center up, up+left for the square in the upper left, etc. Center square is the Action button. I used a grid editing tool to make the boards, so no programming was done. I still plan on resuming work on this after my birthday is over with (a week from tomorrow).


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