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My latest Odyssey 2 project.



Here is a link to a YouTube video of my latest Odyssey 2 "doodle".

My, that is quite large. Too bad there's no way to shrink that.

Anyway, today's work was adding a level intro. The umpire needs to collect the umbrellas while avoiding the jet planes (which are not present in the video.) The next time I work on this, I will attempt to make a second enemy for level 2. I will try to make a maximum of 5 jet planes zooming around the screen randomly.

An interesting thing happening with this is that the umbrella never pops up near the exact center of the screen. And, while it's supposed to pop up randomly when you get one, and it does, but just not near the center, which is odd because I told it to at least randomly to. I've been working on this thing for 3 days now and not once. Oh well.


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