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Fighting with computers (part 2)



So I woke up this morning to discover another bug. So I moved a little bit of code around and then played the game for like 30 minutes and didn't run into it any more. Seems really odd though.

I should mention that I wanted the score to reset when it does. Because I told it to do so. It seems like the only thing I could do. I couldn't use the same score for both. Since one game is a one-player game and the other is a two-player game. I don't think there's enough room for a player vs. computer option for the tic-tac-toe game. I had enough trouble trying to fit what I had in one bank anyway. But I bet if I got rid of the other stuff, like the title screen for the whole game, I might be able to. I guess I could use the SELECT GAME thing, but I don't like it because every single official game used it for some reason. I mean, if it's possible to skip it, why NOT skip it? At least once?

I am wondering why the Christmas Music Choice channel plays stuff like Britney Spears and NSYNC if nobody likes them. It's channel 941 if you have Comcast. But they mix it in with the classic Bing Crosby and Tony Bennett stuff. That's the problem. I only want the classic stuff. I listen to 950 and 949, the classical music channels (i.e. Beethoven) when I am coding because it's supposed to help with thinking. Or perhaps that study was just bologna.

So next for X Vs. O will be a Whac-a-mole type game, with one twist: whack the O's. Don't whack the X's. X whacking means the game ends. The whole point of the entire game is you are X and are trying to get the O's. I heard Elon Musk's favorite letter is X, so he changed Twitter's name to it. He should get this game if I finish it. He'd have enough money to buy 50,000 Odyssey 2 consoles anyway.


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