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So I got all done redesigning all the levels. I got some feedback and I tried to put in an explosion sprite for when an enemy gets shot. I had my eye hurt because I was so angry because it wasn't working. So with my eye hurting I had to quit for the night. I woke up this afternoon and worked some more and I think I got it successfully in. I also changed it so the shooting enemies look different than the normal ones. I also decided to start with the milkshakes, then at level 4 introduce the pizza slice, then at level 7 introduce the taco. I also want to introduce a pretzel that would randomly move around at level 11, but I don't know what to make it shoot out.


So now I'm trying to recover from my dibilitating eyeache I had last night. It hurts a tiny bit, way less than yesterday. When I have these eyeaches, it really hurts really bad. So bad I have to vomit at one point, which I did last night. I had to taste the horrible orange-flavored chewable aspirin since I used up the horrible cherry-flavored chewable asprin last night. It helped tonight, but I wish it did last night.


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