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Frank the Fruit Fly 2 demo



Kind of odd to put a demo when there's only two screens done so far, but I want to see if I'm doing good with this, so I'm posting a demo version of Frank the Fruit Fly 2.

One thing I put in the game today was a warning sound whenever Frank loses health. I thought it was odd that it was silent and players might not know (or see) that Frank got hit by something bad. He does have a health meter up at the top. If Frank's health reaches 0% Frank dies and the game ends. And we don't want poor Frank dead, do we?

One bad thing about making a game about fruit flies is that you start to feel bad when you swat or squish insects in real life. Oh well.


This was hard to put in. I tried unsuccessfully to do this in the first game, but I got it working mostly in this game. Don't touch the webs!


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