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Game Boy stuff



So I was goofing off on Game Boy programming. I played a couple of Game Boy games recently and it got me in the mood.


So if I was to do this, it would need a battery save like the first one. I tried and tried to put it in (it's been awhile since I last did this) but I think I got it now.


One of the key things I needed to remember (but forgot) was to put "ENABLE_RAM_MBC5" in the game. So level 1 of "Frank the Fruit Fly 2" if I decide to make it, will take place deep in the jungles of Cambodia. I don't think Cambodia has jungles, though. Oh well. I'm trying to avoid places that were in "Frank the Fruit Fly" (meadow, snow, desert, water, house, forest). As it turns out, I think I will have just enough room to call the 6 levels I want to put in.

One of the biggest changes of Underwear was I made it so you can skip the intro by pressing action. If you press action on either controller while the intro is playing, it will skip to the title screen. This will not be in The Horrible Ghosts of Uranus because I am afraid I'd break the game if I attempted to put it in. Thankfully, the intro isn't that long.


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