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Potato Chips vs. Pretzels



The ultimate food fight. Which snack food beginning with the letter P will win? You play the role of Paul Peterson, a potato chip out for revenge. Seems those evil pretzels are really evil. They sure taste evil, like cardboard.


This is the first level. I am going to make the pretzel shoot out onion rings sometimes. Today I discovered that if four or more sprites are on the same y register, they all blink like crazy. The only way I know of to make multicolored sprites is to use more than one. Since there's four sprites I want to put into the game (potato chip, fry, pretzel, onion ring) they all must be one color to not flicker. I really want to avoid using flicker if I can.

I woke up at around 9 a.m. I didn't want to, but I was really thirsty for some reason. So I had to get up and drink water. Since I was already up, I figured I might as well stay up. That was 10 hours ago. I'm so sleepy, but I want to try to stay up to see if I can see the northern lights. I know one thing: I'm too tired to work on this any longer for today, so I'll leave it as it is until tomorrow morning (or whenever I wake up.)

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Nice idea for a game, looking good! I'm on team pretzel for sure though ;)

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