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Coleco stuff today



I worked on Flying Potato Chips today. I am beginning work on the second level.


The levels changing are an indication that something in the game has changed. For example, what I want to do is:

  • level 2 - chicken nuggets start appearing.
  • level 3  - popcorn enemy introduced shooting and floating faster than the pretzel.
  • level 4 - enemies can (but not necessarily will) move up and down.

and so on.

I think if you shoot 25 enemies worth two points each, then the boss comes. I'm just thinking out loud here. Then shoot the boss 5 times, worth 10 points each, then that's an even 100 points. I guess it doesn't have to be even. Point values can be easily changed. So can the background tiles if I need/want to. I just have to remember that each tile can only have 2 colors. Or you, if you'd like to help.


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