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when life hands you lemons...



I don't know why, but I keep changing my 2k Atari 2600 game Fruit Fly Fun. I guess it's an attempt to try making it better and better.

I never did like the banana in the bottom. So I changed it to a lemon. And I changed the clouds so they look far away. Since they do, I then decided to get rid of the enemies going behind the clouds part since there was no longer a need for it.


Most of the work was attempting to avoid jagged edges on the playfield (clouds, lemon). I don't know why it happens, especially on this game, but it has. I had to carefully code the program to avoid it from doing stuff I don't want it to do. That is why the clouds are that shape, that is why the lemon is the shape it is. Putting more clouds on the screen will break what I wanted to do and make them asymmetrical. At first I thought, "Well they're clouds. They don't have to be." But then I thought that was the easy way out, and so after hours more of work, I got what you see here.

The banana's shape bothered me. I just couldn't get it to work like I wanted it to. Especially within the confines of me avoiding jagged edges. So I had no other choice. It had to be something different. And so I changed it to a lemon. I wanted it to have tips at the end, but there was no room to do it in. Not that I had enough space, I have around 60 bytes left, it was because the loop was doing too much. I figured that was why it wasn't working well. So I had to cut back a few things I wanted.

Now it is in a state where I wanted it to be after a few days of working on it. I picked it back up 3 days ago. So what's next for it? If you want to publish the game, let me know.


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