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I decided to attempt to make a Jaguar game. This is what I have so far, with a little music playing.


I had a really hard time trying to make the pineapple be small at the beginning and then zoom up to the front of the screen but I did it.


The Jaguar has built-in scaling effects, so I just used them. The sound of it zooming up was hard to make. So was the title screen music. Putting the music into the game was even harder. So now with the title screen completed, I now need to work on the game.

In the game, you control a pineapple. There's a bunch of bananas bouncing around the screen. Your job is to dodge them. Think "Dodge-It" for the Channel F. Only with a tropical flair. And with better graphics. You may remember my Pineapple game for the Atari 7800. That is what I'm aiming for. And with the Jaguar's extra power, I hope to have a whole bunch more pineapples bouncing around the screen.

One problem is the game size. I only have 2MB of size for the game. I just got done with the title screen and I'm already at 641KB. So that'll be a problem. I got out my Skunkboard and tested the game with my Jaguar and all works well.


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