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Life's a beach



Imagine laying on the nice sand at a tropical beach with palm trees, when suddenly a hamburger flies by trying to down a chocolate milkshake by shooting French fries at it.


This is level 7 of my game I'm trying to make good.

I spent almost all of yesterday trying to put in a second enemy but I ultimately couldn't because I had a couple of bugs come in. So I had to leave it at just one at a time. This picture was hard to do because it kept saying it had 18 colors. So I made it 18 colors and looked at the color table and then saw the sand was three colors for some reason I don't know. So I made it one and now it has 14 colors. The Game Gear's maximum background palette size is 16 colors. I am trying to make the look of the game more cartoonish in the hopes that it will look better and ultimately get released by someone somewhere. The size got lowered down to 128k since I had previously real-life-looking graphics thus making the number of tiles being used for the background bigger. So now I have one bank completely empty, which I hope to add some backgrounds to it for levels 8 and 9. Level 10 seems okay, so I don't need to redo that.

I can't wait for Sunday when I'm going to get my hair cut. It's super long and bothering me, making me hot and making my head hurt.


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