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Hot face



I woke up this morning. I noticed the left side of my face was all red and hot. But what was odd is that the right side of my face was fine. I kept occasionally feeling my face to see how hot it was, and it has been going down a little, and the redness has got down a little as well. But it's still there, just not as bad as it was when I got up a few hours ago. This never happened before.

I have also been trying to get used to the new development studio for Game Boy I have been using with no problems. It underwent a few changes since I last downloaded it and basically just wrecked all my stuff so I had to redo some stuff and I've been trying to figure out it.

I also came back to my Game Gear game. After Flying Hamburgers got rejected, I have been trying to make it better with new music and backgrounds. I also changed it so it doesn't end and the object of the game is to get a high score. I noticed the word "pause" was behind the burger. So I fixed that. It was the first work I had done on the game for about a month.


What I want to do next is make a new background and music for level 3, the desert. The level shown here is the redesigned cave (level 2).

As you can see, I also changed the score to six digits instead of just three.


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