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Colecovision again.



Back to work on Flying Potato Chips. Today I added in the boss screen. It took a few hours to play, find bugs, try to fix the bugs, play again, find another bug, etc. But I think I have it squared away for now. I made the boss a red pretzel and he has onion rings to guard himself. You need to shoot the boss pretzel 5 in order to defeat him and go on to the next level. But there is no next level yet because I haven't got that far yet. Stuff I need to do before level 1 is finished include making some boss music and a little level clear jingle.


I got even more Colecovision games today. So now I have 37 Colecovision games. I would have more, but the console's games suffer due to all the add-ons required to play those games. And there's a lot of games that I can't play because I don't have a stupid certain expansion module or special controller. I don't know why they did that. Perhaps that's a reason why we don't have Coleco in the video game biz today? I don't know.

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If memory serves there are only a few games a piece that require either the Super Action Controller with its 4 fire buttons, the roller controller or the driving controller (steering wheel/gas pedal.)  The vast majority of the console's o.g. library only requires a standard controller.  Coleco died for the same reason as everything else at the time, namely the crash of 1983.  You shouldn't need any expansion modules to play the original library either.

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