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Pretty Insane Sealed Sega Find

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My best friend’s Father-in-law had them in the garage. My buddy called me Right away. 

Explained to them what they had, and how to maximize the profit, but they wanted a cash offer from me instead. Gave them a fair price, but still a ton of profit room, and here we are. 


will post more pics in a bit. The sealed ristar are in factory cases. 

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15 hours ago, a3quit4s said:

Lemme get a Ristar for a decent price!

Absolutely! Shoot me a Pm with a rough price. I have a good idea what they are worth raw but I will give you the niner gang price


15 hours ago, RegularGuyGamer said:

What do yous think -- should the case go as a set?

I thought about it, but the factory cases dont have any cool sega marks (or Ristar labeling). They appear to be standard uline style boxes so im not really putting a premium on them outside of proof of condition. 

15 hours ago, nrslam said:

Wow! Don't think I've ever seen that pocket arcade before. Any story how he came by these?

We live within about 20 miles of where Sega of America was head quartered  during that time (multiple other game companies too). Buddies FIL was a truck driver, so I assume they fell off somehow 😉


6 hours ago, final fight cd said:

Very cool! What’s the condition? I see sitting in garage, and I think poor temperature/humidity control. 

did the person own a game store or something? 

Slight dust, but otherwise mint. Its a pacific coastal town, but very mild weather year round. The sonic cd were worst, because of fragility but still pretty good overall. 


4 hours ago, jonebone said:

Very nice, is that Dr. Robotnik in the middle?  I could use one.

As someone who collects Genesis though, the demand really fell out of Sega a ton since the pandemic peak.  Still plenty of good ones there though.

Shoot me a PM with what range you are in and Ill let you have your pick. 



Yea its pretty crazy, I just wish Genesis wasnt down like @jonebone said. Might get a few of the Ristars graded and sit on them.  I have local contacts that collect graded I might trade for higher end items or store credit.  If sega has a good resurgence with the remakes they are doing, ill catch a little wave hopefully.

I only spent what I was willing to lose on this investment and am padding out my collection so either way Im happy! 

If anyone else is interested in anything, reach out and ill work a deal. Open to high end trades too!


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